Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Are the GOP Tax Cuts Dead?

Analysis: GOP tax plan deeply unpopular — and unimportant to many Americans.

On Tuesday, the Senate proposal was expanded to include a repeal of the individual mandate that’s part of the Affordable Care Act (better known as Obamacare). The effect was to create a sort of policy Frankenstein (actually, a policy Frankenstein’s monster) that combines two of the party’s biggest priorities. It’s an iffy move, given the deep unpopularity of the health-care proposals the Republicans were proposing. But, then, two new polls show the Republican tax proposal isn’t that popular, either, even before health-care reform was jammed inside of it.

The Kaiser Family Foundation asked Americans what Congress and the president should focus on. What’s important to address, the survey asked: Tax reform? Reauthorizing the children’s health insurance program (CHIP)? Funding the recovery from this year’s hurricanes?

More than 6-in-10 Americans said CHIP reauthorization and hurricane recovery should be a top priority. Only 28 percent said reforming the tax code should be.

This is from the Washington Post.  So...  #FakeNews

But is it?

I get this feeling that the tax cuts are dead.  The Democrats have done a great job as the opposition party.  It doesn't matter if they're right or wrong.  They have persuaded enough people that whatever the Republicans are doing regarding health care and tax cuts is straight out of the Adolf Hitler playbook.  Or Ronald Reagan (same thing, they say).

I'm one of those people in California who would probably end up paying more taxes, should the Republican bill pass.  But I think that the Republicans have this one chance to reduce corporate taxes and income taxes for most people.  And those "most people" live in a lot of those battleground states!

The line I bolded in the quote was a key point in the WaPo article.  People want the government to spend other people's money.  There are always enough just causes and emotional buttons that need to be pushed.  Who could be against feeding kids or hurricane aid?  Or free college?  Or affordable housing? Or ...?

Just not enough money to do everything for everybody.

But I think the tax cuts are dead.  Spend on, Washington.  Spend on.

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