Monday, January 28, 2019

Monday Randomosity

  • Boeing and Caterpillar sent the Dow down today.  NVIDIA also slamming chips.
  • I don’t think the Federal Shutdown had much of an effect on the economy because after it was over, everyone got paid.  Whatever wasn’t spent for a month, will now get spent.  Plus, while there are some examples of hardship cases, many banks give interest free loans of paycheck deposits. (We will know soon).  
  • Another impact... Chinese trade deal or lack there of.  I’m optimistic a deal will get done, as the sides are meeting and talking.
  • Apple earnings tomorrow?  I will be watching on my iPhone XS Max! $AAPL 
  • One in three iPhone owners are not upgrading to the XS or XS Max because of price or lack of new features.  Having upgraded two of our device to the XS line, they are nicer but do the same things as the older iPhones.
  • Will 5G be the next upgrade catalyst?  I’m thinking... YES!
  • CBS All Access going full Star Trek. In addition to Discovery, there will be a new Patrick Stewart as Jean Luc Picard show, a Michelle Yeoh Star Trek as a Captain, and the animated series.
  • I started season 2 of The Punisher on Netflix, and ... Like it! $NFLX
  • Fourth-quarter GDP scheduled for Wednesday release!  What’s the consensus, 2.6%?  (Less than whatever Larry Kudlow projects?)
  • CBO estimates always seem to differ... But their numbers have been off recently.

Have a great Monday!

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