Monday, August 30, 2004

Fun Factory

* Back at the fun factory, with a mocha in hand, gearing up for another fun-filled week!

* I did delete the blog by accident while I was trying to reformat the template.

* The stock market? Not many traders on Wall St, being the last week of August prior to a long weekend (the last summer holiday weekend). Tends to be slow. And the GOP Convention has NY City locked down tight. Volume will be light, the market should be whippy.

* Had a cool barbeque and swim party yesterday. That's what I'll miss most about summer. And the long nights!

* Fantasy Football draft happened last night, I think I'm okay with my team. Hell, it all looks good until that first loss. Which, hopefully won't be until around November. If at all!

* I like the looks of the new Motorola phone with wireless internet and stuff. Hoo, not out until 2005!

* I better get back to work. I will have broadband back at home next month and hopefully can update the site with new graphics and such. Heck!

Friday, August 27, 2004


The delete key seems to work.