Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bankruptcy Thursday and Tyra Banks

Early in the day, the financial news told us that the market was advancing despite the Chrysler bankruptcy news.  Later, the market fell because of the Chrysler bankruptcy news.  So they say.  Er, okay.

Not a great day in the market today.  Never like to see a reversal.  Nasdaq did inch up while the DOW and SP500 didn't.  Advancers did lead decliners.  Long, and the trigger finger isn't itchy but it'll be ready to book the gains from this rally.  No reason to guess the top. It'll show up when it does.

April was Wall Street's best month in nine years -- offering some of the most powerful evidence yet that maybe, just maybe, the economy is about to begin a turnaround.  ...  That's more than a relief for investors -- it's a potential economic indicator, because the stock market tends to get back on its feet before the economy does. In downturns over the past 60 years, the S&P hit bottom an average of four months before a recession ended and about nine months before unemployment hit its peak.


  • President Obama says Chrysler bankruptcy is a wise move"No one should be confused about what a bankruptcy process means," Obama said. "This is not a sign of weakness but rather one more step on a clearly chartered path to Chrysler's revival."  Made much easier when they unload those union contracts, eh Barack?
  • Man (not pictured) convicted for stalking Tyra Banks (pictured).  Brady Green, 39, of Dublin, Ga., was convicted by Manhattan Criminal Court Judge James Burke, who heard the case without a jury, of stalking, harassment, criminal trespass and attempted aggravated harassment.  Could've been any one of us, fellas.  Well, maybe not:  Authorities said Green, 39, repeatedly called Banks' studio, showed up there, and sent her flowers and letters. They said he also threatened to slit the throat of a staffer who refused to tell him where to find Banks' TV studio
  • The Sacramento Bee website has population trends for California cities.  Cool!
  • Disney joins NBC on Hulu!  Is there a Hulu app for my iPhone???  NO!  But it's coming!
  • Matt Giraud booted off American Idol.  Easy guess on that one.  A surprise that Adam was in the bottom two, but like I said yesterday, I probably wouldn't buy his music.  I like Allison and Kris.  Danny's okay.  Allison has the girl-rocker thing down, and that's music I like.  Kris is kind of folksy, also music I like.
  • Jon and Kate plus 8's Jon Gosselin getting written up for late-night antics.  Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad Jon Gosselin is admitting he "showed poor judgment" by leaving a bar at 2 a.m. with a mystery woman and without his wedding band -- while his wife Kate was across the country promoting a book.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Market Rally and Pig Kissing Randomosity

The market rallied stronger on more signs the economy has turned around.   U.S. stocks rose on Wednesday as government data showed a rise in consumer spending and suggested that companies may start to rebuild inventories.

There are still those looking at the rear-view mirror, and noting the drop in the gross domestic product at a 6.1 percent annual rate in the first quarter.  You can't drive a car or trade stocks staring at the rear-view mirror.  The markets look forward and anticipate the future. 

I remain long and aware of seasonality in both the monthly and Summer timeframes. 


  • Swine Flu tip:  Wash hands frequently, and don't French kiss pigs.
  • I thought American Idol was pretty boring last night.  Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey are the clear front-runners.  I actually like Allison Iraheta and Kris Allen this year more than the front two.  But, I'd vote off Matt Giraud this week.  Never much of a fan.  Strong season, though.
  • Fed sees recession easing.  Funny, that's a group that usually stares into the rear-view mirror!
  • Chuck Wicks and partner Julianne Hough eliminated last night in Dancing with the Stars. 
  • One of the Spring rituals at my house?  Fixing broken sprinklers.
  • I find myself using both Tweetie and Lounge on my iPhone for Twittering.
  • Amazon buys iPhone book app Stanza.  I've been using both Stanza and Amazon's iPhone Kindle app.  Mostly, I'd rather read a physical book, though.

Norm! Seasonal Timing System

Just a reminder of another seasonal timing strategy from Norman Fosback.  I don't know if he's updated it on his website lately, but here is my understanding of it.

End of Month

  • Always own equities on the last trading day of each month and first four trading days of each month (the “month-end” period).
  • If the next-to-last trading day of the month is anything other than the first trading session of the week, hold equities on that day, too. In other words, own equities on both of the last two trading days of the month except when the next-to-last trading day of the month is the first trading day of the week.
  • Also hold equities on the fifth trading day of the month, unless that fifth day is the first day of the week.

Market Holidays

  • Own equities on the two trading days before each holiday closing (the “pre-holiday” period).
  • However, do not own equities on the second day before a holiday closing if that day happens also to be the first trading day of the week.
  • Continue to own equities on the first day after a market holiday closing if that day is also the last trading day of the week. Making Seasonality Even Better Over the years, Monday has been a poor day to be invested in the stock market.

Mark Hulbert at CBS Marketwatch last wrote about Fosback's system in November.  Of course, who knows how it will work out this month or going forward. But it's out there. Something to distract us from the Swine Flu. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu Randomosity

  • Oil closed down on the #swineflu worries that energy demand will decrease.  The thought is that folks will order movies from $NFLX (as an example) instead of going on vacation, or driving somewhere where people are congregating and spreading germs.
  • lakers girls jennifer Picture is of Laker Girl Jennifer.  Go Lakers!  I'm kind of worried about the team's defense, so anything the cheerleaders can do to distract the other team.  Just saying.
  • Don't be a Swine Flu Stock Pig!
  • E-trade bombs after earnings, while Dendreon rises.
  • It's Jennifer's first year as a Laker Girl.
  • My biggest concern for the economy going forward remains energy.  I know, it's not in the headlines right now.  But the economy is improving and so will energy demand.  How is Obama doing on energy his first 100 days in?  Well, not so good.
  • (Above is conservative link, but I just can't link to any site that believes windmills and solar panels are a serious answer to our future energy needs).
  • Don't have many thoughts on NFL draft.  Watched some in Reno, but who the heck knows how those guys will turn out?
  • Jennifer majored in Political Science at UCLA.  Say, Jen, what do you think of Arlen Spector changing from (R) to (D)?  Does he go from RINO to DINO? I think he's just a political animal trying to get elected.  As are most of them.
  • I don't think it's the "end" of the GOP.  While the GOP hurt itself with the War in Iraq and very liberal spending, the Democrats are giving us more of the same.  Stay tuned, that's all.
  • Dodgers-Giants great game.  Tons of runners left on base in this one.  20 through 8.

Tuesday Thoughts

  • Today seemed to be one of those days where you wonder if the market was even open. Getting the feeling that we are jut churning around up here, which on the surface is negative. Especially with seaonality bearish now. But we also have the end of month strength coming up with automatic 401k adds. Let's see if she can push through.
  • Still long but will book gains from this rally should the summer swoon show it's hand
  • Things don't look good for GM.
Yes, more Lakers girls.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu Monday

  • Swine flu paranoia in full swing. $GM cutting 21K and shedding Pontiac. PCs being attacked by Conficker virus. Heck, I should have just stayed in bed.

  • Its strange how out of touch one can get with current events in just a few short days out of town. I come back from Reno and the bulk of the evening news is about the swine flu. Coworkers are rushing their kids to the doctor today if the young ones so much as sneeze.

  • Do not touch anything and wash hands frequently. Heck, just leave your hands submerge in soapy liquid - why take the chance?

  • Lost the LA bet yesterday.

  • Lakers ...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Stress Test Friday

  • number_2_pencil Just over an hour to the banks' stress test, and the #2 pencils are being sharpened as I type.  Remember to fill in the circles completely, and no stray marks on your Scantron answer sheet.
  • The market is off to the races today, Microsoft leading the way after its earnings report last night.  Hey, who knew folks would be so excited about MSFT's first drop in sales in 23 years?  Nasdaq leading the way, which is a good thing.  Advancers leading the decliners nicely.  Volume is light, though.  We'll see how she moves later in the day.  Will folks cash in for the weekend?  The last few days have seen some big moves in the last hour.  Stay tuned!
  • Lakers lose as Kobe's shot at the end of the game was not even close.  LOL.
  • The government lending GM another $2 billion.  More good money after bad.
  • NFL draft this weekend!  Now there's some good TV watching.  Are you an ESPN or NFL Network watcher?
  • Natural gas prices continue to fall, as nobody needs energy anymore.  The thought is that supplies are high and demand is low.  We're swimming in the stuff and there's a global recession.  I'd temper that by saying I think we've turned the corner economically and I would expect demand to increase.  And then can we really extract all the natural gas we think we can?  Something to watch.   UNG. (No position yet).
  • Going bearish on the Tickersense poll.  Mostly on seasonality.  I'm still long in my portfolio, and waiting for some confirmation that the rally is over.  We had the big down day on Monday.  Might've been a one-day wonder, but we're retesting the rally highs today and we'll see how it closes. 
  • laker girls#2 pencil picture is lame, huh?  Fixed.
  • The key to a happy marriage?  Denial.  Happy marriages might just be those in which both partners uphold a very nice projection of each other, even when things aren't so great. And this makes sense. Happiness is a state of mind, and if denial paints a partner better than they really are, the relationship is bound to be satisfying, as long as no one is slapped in the face with reality.
  • Following the Lenny Dykstra story?  No longer at  Read Adam's entries on Lenny.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Microsoft 23-Year Win Streak Over!

$MSFT sales fall for the first time in 23 years. Feels like the era of big desktops is over and the world has entered the era of mobile computing. From iPhones to netbooks, Microsoft no longer has the buzz.

The good news for Microsoft is that they write the software that runs most of those machines.

Laker Girls Thursday

Picture of Lakers Girls. Market seems to be biding time here, either struggling to break through or pausing to catch its breath. The week after options expiration can be weak, and next week we'll have end of month kicking in.

Couldn't blame anyone for bailing out for the Summer on a seasonal sell signal. But, staying put until the market decides whether it's going to make it or break it works for me, and that's what I'm going to do.

My official position in the Tickersense poll this weekend will change from bullish to bearish. Just in the short term, due to seasonality and the big run we've had. Not personally acting on that until the market decides in the days ahead.

Drawing a blank on what to write today, as I've been knee-deep in the hoopla at the office. So that's it!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Seasonal Sell Signal? Thoughts

Checking out Sy Harding's blog to see if he issued a seasons in the sun sell signal yesterday, as the MACD for the DOW crossed down.  The SP500 was close, but held up.  This is all it says:

Wednesday, April 22, 2009. 9:15 a.m.

April 22nd, 2009 Subscribers: There is another new hotline update on your website from last evening, and there will be an in-depth ‘Markets Signals and Recommendations’ update on your website later today.

Usually the information leaks out, but haven't found anything yet via The Google. 

Another seasonal timer is Jeffery Hirsch, and I found this from a CNBC column:

The timing of this rally also does not bode well for what lies ahead, says Jeffery Hirsch, editor of the Stock Trader's Almanac, who notes the market's traditional bullish period runs from November-April.

"Some of the old seasonality may not be in effect; that in itself is a negative indication," says Hirsch. "We've stalled at that 8000-ish resistance level and we’ve got the bad season coming on."

Hirsch notes that the Dow has had only four up months in the 17 dating back to Nov 2007--right after the record highs of October--and that the market has posted gains on only two Mondays since early December, suggesting investors don't want to jump back in after the weekend when they are traditionally loathe to be long. 

That sort of bearishness does not mix well with seasonal performance, especially when investors remember the two previous major false bottoms of this bear market.

I haven't done any "seasonal" moves, yet.  One thought would be that since the market has moved up since Monday's fall, stay with it until we have another large distribution day and/or an IBD sell signal.  Or wait until after the beginning of the month strength (should it happen).  But so far the market has moved up since Monday's selling, so no reason to act too soon and try to anticipate a top.  Could just wait and see what happens what internals look like should we revisit the top and try to break through.

Then should one raise cash, the next question is what do to with it.  Interest rates are nil, and who wants to go in short-term treasuries when the government is spending trillions via deficit spending?  (Especially if one thinks the economy is recoverying and the Fed will be behind the curve in anticipating inflation).

Just a few thoughts. And some Lakers Girls

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Miss California Randomosity

  • Stock market bouncing back some after yesterday's collapse. Advancers up nicely over decliners.  Up volume over down volume.  Not sure of total volume numbers yet.
  • Was yesterday just a one-day wonder or something more?  Many were quick to jump on the "bear market rally is over" bandwagon, and predicting that we'd at least revisit the March lows (or somewhere near).
  • Came in to the office today.  So this is about the time where I start thinking about heading home at lunch time to work out, or just hang out here all day.  Calendar is clear.  Hmm.
  • Miss California, Carrie Prejean, answers the gay marriage question in a non-PC way, and loses the Miss USA title?  With this story making headlines, she'll now go on to a better career than she would've if she had won the title.  I feel sorry for Miss North Carolina, Kristen Dalton!
  • I didn't know who Perez Hilton was until yesterday.  I don't think I needed to know.  He went off on a tirade over Carrie Prejean.  Somebody on a radio talk show asked a relevant question, "Why is he judging the Miss USA pageant?"  The Miss USA pageant isn't a pitch in his strike zone.

Monday, April 20, 2009

FAS or FAZ? Choose Wisely!

  • Nothing positive to say about today' market. Stocks were crushed. It was just one day, and during the bear we saw many sharp one-day rallies that failed. If this is a new bull trend, then we could also expect the opposite.
  • I think the seasonal sell signal - MACD cross - is very close for those watching.
  • Lots of folks trading the triple-leveraged financials, FAS and FAZ. If you were in the right one today, you made over 30%. In the wron one, and you lost over 30%.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Night Randomosity

  • laker girls In six weeks, the SP500 has advanced 28.5%.  Biggest six week advance since 1938.  If history is any indicator, Germany will soon invade Poland.  Stay tuned, and cancel those vacation plans for France.
  • My thoughts are that this next week would be the logical point for the markets to take a break.  It's the week after options expiration and the week before the end of month 401(k) contributions.  Coincidentally, we could get an interesting sell signal if the MACD crosses down triggering the seasonal exit point for the folks who follow Sy Harding.
  • Go Lakers!
  • Ice is expanding in much of Antarctica, contrary to the widespread public belief that global warming is melting the continental ice cap.  You don't hear much of this in the media, as the government tries to push through expensive climate change legislation (to raise lots of money).
  • The Israeli military is preparing itself to launch a massive aerial assault on Iran's nuclear facilities within days of being given the go-ahead by its new government, the Times of London reported.  Since we're hearing about it, is it just saber rattling and posturing?
  • President Obama says he is going to cut wasteful programs.  Anyone taking bets on this?  Anyone keeping track?  I wish him luck, but call me very skeptical.  He has to get this by Harry and Nancy, and do you see them cutting programs?  Everyday we hear of new programs, so net-net I can't imagine there being fewer programs in the years ahead.
  • A Florida woman stabbed her boyfriend in the chest with a steak knife over Pop Tarts, police said.  Many people take their pop tarts seriously.  I did a Twitter search for Pop Tarts, and look at all the chatter going on:

  • A southwest Ohio teacher has resigned after acknowledging she accompanied four female students to a male strip club, a school spokesman said. Oh yes it's ladies night, and I'm feeling right.  Oh yes it's ladies night, oh what a night (oh, what a night).
  • Dodgers continued on their win streak, besting Colorado yet again.  Loving the iPhone app
  • Rumor is that Hulu is making an app for the iPhone.  That's NBC.  Now you will be able to watch Samantha Who whenever you want.  Er...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Seasons in the Sun Recap

Sy Harding's Seasons in the Sun (STS) recap:

In a nutshell. STS looks for daily MACD to give signals on or after the average best days to enter and leave the market using the seasonal strategy.

The average best day to exit the market is April 20
The average best day to enter the market is October 16

IF MACD is negative on April 20, then you exit the market that day. If MACD is positive, then you wait for it to turn negative to exit the market.

Likewise, if MACD is positive on October 16, then you enter the market on that day. If MACD is negative, then you wait for it to turn positive to enter the market.

Here's the chart...

The buy signal was here, around 950-ish on the SP500.

Seasonal Strategy on the Horizon

  • Another nice day in the market. Although, I'm starting to get the feeling that we are running out of steam.
  • I was thinking about the "season in the sun" strategy and that it may be time for a refresher. I believe Sy Harding looks for a MACD cross, so check that out on SPY. Close.
  • Dodgers beat Giants in a thriller last night. Woo.
  • Yankees were shelled in the seventh and lost their opener at the new Yankees Stadium.
  • For all my recent chatter about oil going higher due to a lack of US energy policy, prices have aleady moved up from the thirties to fifty. Natural gas may be the one I keep a closer eye on for a buy in the days ahead.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Party Wednesday

  • It's Tea Party Wednesday, and the market reverses course late session to close positive for the day. From Yahoo Finance, A late surge of buying interest was accompanied by a spike in trading volume, which helped all three major indices finish at their session highs. The buying effort was largely focused on financial stocks.
  • The market needs financial stocks to improve.  Good to see that.
  • I want to stop by the tea party here, but have been too busy to get downtown.  I think folks realize that all of this spending using borrowed money will eventually lead to higher taxes down the road.  Maybe higher inflation, too.  Fiscal sanity, please.
  • I don't think we're going to get fiscal sanity anytime soon, though.  Commodities!  (Yo, Jim Rogers.)
  • The best place for tea party news?  Yeah, Fox.  Quite an interactive community they've set up there. The other news websites seem to be minimizing the nationwide event.  (And they wonder why people turn to Fox).
  • CPI fellConsumer prices dipped unexpectedly in March, leaving prices over the past year falling at the fastest clip in more than a half-century. The recession is expected to keep a lid on inflation as widespread layoffs dampen wage pressures and weak demand keeps companies from raising prices.
  • That's looking in the rear-view mirror.  I think things are better than that looking forward.  Of course, that won't show up in the headline news until after the fact and inflation is here...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Weak Retail Tuesday

  • Market sells off because it needed to.   A weak retail sales report started it off ugly, and it pretty much stayed that way through Obama's speech about nothing and Bernanke's speech. We've had a big move and a pullback is inevitable.  Intel after the bell.
  • Sorry, don't want to wax political 24x7, but Obama sounds like he's in campaign mode and making promises.  His energy policy is lame.  What energy policy?  Green jobs.  Alternative energy.  Sheez, how about something that works instead?
  • Katherine Heigl has an iPhone.  I wonder what apps she's running on that thing?  You think she's going to listen to the Angels-Mariners game at 3:40pm on the app?
  • Installed surround sound today.  I didn't spend a fortune.  The guys at the home theater store were trying to up-sell me, and lost the sale.  Ticked me off.  One of those slick sales presentations where they show you something where the sound blows your clothes off.  All the speakers are geometrically positioned and they direct you to sit in a certain spot so you have to duck to avoid the bullets seemingly flying across the room. Of course, anything less expensive doesn't compare.  I walked out, went somewhere else, and got some less expensive stuff with a less pushy salesman, and hooked it up.  Thank God for pre-wiring.  Made it so easy.  First Blu-ray movie through?  James Bond Quantum of Solace.  Just that first scene with the car chase and gun fight.
  • What car company is Warren Buffett buyingLast fall Berkshire Hathaway bought 10% of BYD for $230 million. The deal, which is awaiting final approval from the Chinese government, didn't get much notice at the time. It was announced in late September, as the global financial markets teetered on the abyss. But Buffett and Munger and Sokol think it is a very big deal indeed. They think BYD has a shot at becoming the world's largest automaker, primarily by selling electric cars, as well as a leader in the fast-growing solar power industry.
  • Buffett better hope we (the US) have a way to recharge those batteries. I don't think wind and solar will do it.
  • Using Windows Live Writer to blog.  Seeing if the Disqus comment threads show up.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Template Update with Disqus

I've had issues with the Disqus commenting system, so am reinstalling it. Disqus wasn't showing up when posting from my iPhone. I was getting default Blogger comments. Let's see if this fixed it. Side effect is that comments on blogger threads were wiped

Market Reverses, Alyssa Milano, and Dodgers

  • The market started out lower and reversed nicely. The SP500 and Nasdaq finished up, the DOW finished down.  Advancers led decliners - good.  Volume relatively light.
  • How are the financials doing?  From Yahoo FinanceFinancials were able to close with a 4.8% gain, a bit shy of their session high, and are now down 11.0% year-to-date. That means financials are no longer the worst performing sector this year.   Nice comeback.
  • Are you worried about inflation?  Many people are seeing the amount of stimulus and debt the US is putting out there, combined with very low interest rates, and thinking the eventual result will be inflation.  Somewhere. Down the road.  Looking for inflation defense?
  • You know, I'm not worried, just yet, about the end of the national currencies and the eventual need for a global currency (and a mark in your hand or forehead, so you can buy and sell).  But I do believe that the Fed will have to keep a very close watch and try to be proactive.  They're not the best at that, but lets hope they get one right.
  • I think the economy has turned around and that we're going to see economic growth start to show up in the numbers.  Not just here, but in other world economies, too.  My thoughts are that the next thing we're going to see is a big increase in energy demand.  I've said it before.  Here it is again.  Watch energy.  Oil.  We (the US) don't have much of an energy policy other than to keep doing things the way we have been doing things.  So, an oil crunch will come.  Again.
  • Giants-Dodgers game on this afternoon.  Dodgers smoked a 6 run inning to take a 7-1 lead.  Most of those runs came off of 8-million-dollar man Randy Johnson.  Love to see the Giants get pounded. Love to see an $8M pitcher get pounded.  Life is good.  Listening on the iPhone app!  Of course!  Orlando Hudson just tripled, and has hit for the cycle. First time since Wes Parker in 1970.

Dodgers fan Alyssa Milano with her iPhone!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Amazing Easter Sunday

  • Happy Easter! It's the holiday without a holiday.
  • Five weeks of market gains. Everyone waiting for the party to end or at least take a break. Indicators I watch show that the market is overbought. Of course fighting the trend tends to be a losers game.
  • The numbe of folks saying that they called the bottom is deafening. How can anyone take the talking heads seriously.
  • I'm glad the stunt men were eliminated from The Amazing Race. Verying annoying duo. And cheaters!
  • President Obama gets a new dog. Portugese Water Dog? Great time it is to be a breeder of those. I imagine that'll be a popular breed going forward.
  • I'm glad they killed the pirates and rescued the captain.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Angels Game Postponed

Check out the line on the Angels game at the bottom of the picture. The game has been postponed because of the death of Nick Adenhart.

Market Up and Nick Adenhart

  • $WFC up over 20% on their news this morning of a great quarter. Marketwatch (no link, on iPhone) says that Wells Fargo may be our nation's "good" bank. Good day to own WFC.
  • Los Angeles Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart was killed in a hit and run early this morning in Fullerton. A mini-van ran through a red light and hit Adenhart's car. The mini-van driver fled but was later caugt by Police.
  • Adenhart had started Wednesday night for the Angels and pitched six scoreless innings.
  • It is horrible news and thoughts and prayers go out to family, friends and fans. On a national stage, it draws all of our attention and reminds us that our time here is precious. Be liberal with the hugs.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Wednesday Volatility

  • The market had some trouble today figuring out where it wanted to go. We are in the week ahead of options expiration. Friday is Good Friday and volume could dry up the closer we get to the weekend.

  • I think the economy is improving. I've heard various things from retailers and even real estate. My guess is that energy demand will start to increase and energy prices will rise. Soon.

  • More on the one-seated GM and Segway electric car. Why not a golf cart?

  • Volume was light today. Easter week.

  • Picture is of Sung Hi Lee. How about inviting her on the next Dancing with the Stars?

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Pullback Continues

  • More selling today, as investors prepare for earnings season.

  • Alcoa stepping up to the plate as I type. Looks mostly flat afterhours. Not seeing any headlines yet. The Yahoo message board is buzzing with the usual pimping of gap up or gap down tomorrow.

  • GM and Segway announce a crazy 2-wheel car. Runs on electricity for about 35 miles at about 35mph. Is anyone really interested in one of these things? GM is on the brink of bankruptcy and this kind of thing is not going to be a mass market game changer.

  • Alcoa moving down now. $497M loss in first quarter.

  • Reading about how unemployment is going to hurt food sales. But then an article a few lines below says one in four kids is overweight. LOL. (no link, on iPhone and no copy-paste)

Monday, April 06, 2009

Baseball Opening Day with an iPhone

  • The iPhone MLB app is fantastic. I listened to parts of 4 games today, and most of the Dodgers-Padres game. Not bad for $9.99 for all season.
  • I grew up listening to Vin Scully call the Dodgers games. He still sounds great. And there's something about listening to a game on the radio (er, iPhone) compared to TV. I feel lazy watching a 3 hour game on TV. But on the radio there's more multi-tasking involved. Scully does a great job painting a picture.
  • Listened to quite a bit of the Mets-Reds and Yankees-Orioles, too. Funny thing was CC Sabathia, the $161 million man, get rocked by the Orioles. They were hitting him. He was walking batters. It was ugly. On the otherhand, the Mets Santana pitched a gem against the Reds.
  • Oh, the market? Again, the late day surge has to be considered a bullish sign.

It Could Have Been Worse

  • The markets were off big early, but a late day rally trimmed losses.

  • No surprises. We are in the week prior to options expiration and after the beginning of the month. We have had a huge four-week rally. This would seem to a perfect place for a rest.

  • Are you watching The Apprentice? Wow, I haven't but did last night. It's horrible.

  • Listened to Mets-Reds on the iPhone app 2009. Great!

  • North Carolina looks pretty tough for tonight.

Friday, April 03, 2009

The Lagging Indicator

  • The market holding up on the bad employment numbers. With a nice rally going, nobody could cast blame for Friday profit taking. Not seeing that yet.
  • Employment data ugly. If you lose your job, it certainly doesn't feel like a lagging indicator.
  • Energy up a bit. As the economy improves, energy demand will increase.
  • Long lines at BJ's restaurant and at Costco last night.
  • Jay Cutler traded to the Bears. He didn't come cheap. It will be interesting to see how this is analyzed years down the road. My first thought is that the fantasy vale of Bears WRs goes up, and Broncos WRs goes down. Bears improve with a good QB.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Rally Continues

  • The market continued moving up today. Sensing a sentiment shift as those who were trying to fade the rip are now buying the dips. There was some weakness into the clothes. But this rally has been giving us a little of 'on the one hand, but on the otherhand' all the way up
  • One thing I Love about Blogpress is that when my iPhone rings, Bogpress saves my blog entry. Phew.
  • President Obama wrapping things up at the G-20. Not sure what was accomplished there of significance, but protesters were able to meet and greet on the street.
  • The economy does seem to have turned the corner. Now watch energy and interest rates.
  • Looks like $RIMM did well after the bell. I'd link, but cut and paste won't be available until 3.0. LOL.

Picture is of Megan Joy, who was eliminated last night on American Idol. Strange bird, as they say.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Wednesday Randomosity

  • Nice day in the market, as the economic data comes in better than expected. The SP500 is also defending the 50dma nicely.  Nothing wrong with the rally, yet!
  • Is Geithner counting TARP dollars correctly?  GAO and the Treasury have different numbers.  Nice.
  • The Republicans propose to simplify the tax codeThe GOP plan would offer a dramatically simplified tax code in which couples would have the option of a 10 percent rate on the first $100,000 of income, with a 25 percent rate thereafter, with the first $25,000 of income exempt from taxation. Single could get a $12,500 exemption and a 10 percent rate on income up to $50,000.
  • New iPhone app from Major League Baseball (MLB at Bat 2009) that includes streaming audio from games.  $9.99.   Not bad, huh?
  • Also, search for the DirecTV iPhone app.  Yes, you can program your DVR from your iPhone!
  • Sales tax went up a penny in CA today.  Yippee.  I think car registration went up, as did the income tax rate.