Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Market Thoughts

  • Heard that April is supposedly a strong month, with the ten days prior to tax day weak but the ten days after strong.  Okay.  Let's go with that. 
  • Market continues to sit near the highs with frustrating pullbacks of just a few percent but not making headway. The 150dma on the SP500 has held recent pullbacks and is somewhere near 2030ish.  Ish. 
  • March Madness... Wow, Notre Dame almost had Kentucky and it feels like that may have been the last gasp chance for anyone to beat em.  Although Wisconsin interesting...
  • Still long the market.  Sell in May warming up, stretching, and heading to on deck circle.  So is baseball season!
  • (Got MLB package, fwiw).
  • Monday's big rally given back the last two days. Churning. 
  • The market can't do nothin since $AAPL - Apple joined the Dow!
  • Got a new job. So. There is that.  
  • Finished the third season of House of Cards.  Eh.  Not as good as first two.