Wednesday, April 20, 2022

And Then, Two Years Later

  • Has it been two years since I blogged? We were all so much younger then! Netflix… Federal Reserve… Apple Macs… Let’s gooooo….
  • Meanwhile, Joe Biden is President and kinda/sorta hanging in there, with inflation raging, war raging, crisis on the border raging, and the stock market teetering. But it seems like COVID-19 is winding down a bit, right? RIGHT?
  • I heard a federal reserve dude, Boston I think, talk about how maybe - just maybe, the Fed wouldn’t have to be so aggressive if the economy was slowing down. Or something like that. We’ve also heard that they feel they need to get to “neutral” faster than anticipated.
  • Do we talk about Netflix stock today? That’s a big drop. If you recall from my earlier blog posts and podcasts, I mentioned maybe 20 years ago or so that I didn’t buy Netflix because I was worried about competition. I WAS EARLY, OK??? $NFLX
  • I will say about Netflix that it seems like their in-house content is of less quality than some of their competition. Some is good enough, for sure. But some… eh. And the prices have gone up.
  • Happy 420 day! 
  • Netflix is still great though. Watch it almost daily here!
  • I bought a Mac Studio M1 Ultra. Probably way more than I need but it was in stock locally so just got it.  First time with a Mac, and you always remember the first time! More later. Maybe I will do a blog post on what I think of the thing. Zippy but strange coming from a Windows only user for decades.
  • Maybe COVID ended up hurting Netflix, in that the damn virus hurt production releases of some of the hits. It’s hard coming back to a show after a long break. “We were on a break!”
  • If the Fed doesn’t hike or hints at a “wait and see” approach, does the market rally?
  • If Russia ends up winning in Ukraine at least partially and things wind down, does that help?
  • End of COVID dividend? Back to travel? Back to doing things other than just streaming Netflix? (I’ve been traveling a lot lately).