Monday, November 30, 2015

End of November

  • Stocks basically flat for the year.  A sideways correction?
  • Will the Fed finally raise rates in December? 
  • The biggest threat to the planet was ended today, when the MRI on New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski showed no tear, only a bruise.  
  • None of the "sure thing" Fed hikes have happened yet.  So the recent economic news has seemingly been robust enough to increase rates. But there are also some lackluster economic numbers.  We shall see. 
  • Sometimes, instead of a crash, the market trades back and forth in a narrow range.  At the same time, earnings growth continues.  This has the effect of lowering PE multiples and high market valuations without the stomach churning drop in share prices. 
  • Carolina Panthers undefeated, you say?
  • My fantasy football season seems to be unraveling. Injuries and mediocre players.  When you have to sit Sunday morning and analyze which players to start and sit, you have a mediocre team. Should be obvious. 
  • Anyway, I'm still 100% long after going all in late this summer.  
  • Just thinking out loud, but in regard to stocks: Clinton's last year in office sucked.  Bush's last year in office sucked. And here comes Obama's last year.  Sell stocks?

Friday, November 06, 2015

Energy: Selling Exxon and Buying EOG

Selling $XOM and buying $EOG.  I don't want to hold a stock as it goes through a federal investigation of climate change, and if that results in billions of fines or penalties.  I'm scared. 

Want energy exposure of some sort so going into $EOG.  Smaller dividend.  Also riskier.  Should benefit with higher energy prices. If we ever have those again.