Monday, July 27, 2015

The Correction

Stocks stuck in the mud all year. Now China is the problem du jour.  From Fed relate worries to Greece to China - it's always something.  

I'm still mostly long with a little more cash then the last time I blogged.  Looking to buy in to an ETF for a bounce. Heck, the market has been down five days in a row.  That's a modern day record!

Maybe this is the summer correction we all knew was coming in some summer down the road, but hoping it wasn't THIS summer!

I haven't traded much all year...  I'm sure it would have worked better than last year.  I do own some of the big 2015 winners and a few sinners, too.  It's a Facebook vs Twitter story.  I believe in both over the next 10 years. Keep adding and adding as I can.  

Enjoying summer. Hope you are, too.