Thursday, February 25, 2016

Market Jitters

  • imageYear to date?  The Utes!  (And I don’t mean Utah).
  • I remain long and dollar cost averaging.  When I watch the Fox Business Block, Ben Stein often recommends that you buy $SPY “and hold on for dear life.”
  • I also do still own a handful of tickers and $QQQ.
  • It feels like a bear market, but not seeing recession signs.  Sure, the economic indicators are so-so.  Growth is slow.  But unemployment is low.  Inflation is low-ish.
  • Watching the GOP debate on CNN.  Who else is wondering why Carson and Kasich were even invited?  They are out of it…
  • (Wondering if Cruz and Rubio are also out of it!)
  • I think Hillary crushes Trump in November.  Won’t be close.  I think Rubio is the only one who has a shot in November, but he may not have a chance in March against Trump!
  • But hey, the important thing in March is March Madness…