Monday, April 25, 2016

Year to Date Update

  • imageMarket year to date:  Energy! $XLE
  • #FearTWD - I like Fear the Walking Dead.  But I am a little disappointed that they didn’t spend more time covering society’s downfall.  Even this season when they show LA being blown up in the background.  I would have liked to see more stories on what’s going on inside the government and military.  They can still do that with character flashbacks, by the way.   Where were you when… and what was happening when…
  • What a difference from the last check I did at the end of February, when nobody seemed to give energy a chance. Utilities have been hanging on.
  • Technology a bit frustrating, and makes up the largest sector in the SP500.  Financials negative, another large weighting.
  • Steph Curry… Ouch!  Kind of sad to see the Warriors get the season wins record, and then get hit with a major post-season injury.  It’s tough to stay on top!


  • One way to think about energy, is that more demand for energy would tend to go along with a growing economy. Right?  Of course, it matters if the dollar is ascending or descending, too…
  • I was one who thought Donald Trump was just a sideshow, and he may take the GOP race after tomorrow’s primary.  LOL.  Well, I don’t want to go out on a limb here, but I can’t imagine a scenario where Hillary doesn’t just blow him out in November.  The Republicans have to hope he doesn’t kill their chances of retaining both houses of Congress…
  • Everyonce and awhile, sometimes, I think I should do some podcasts.  Sometimes I even do one.  And then never upload it.  LOL.
  • Overall, still bullish.  But will move some to cash ahead of summer.

Sell in May via MACD Cross

#sellinmay - For anyone thinking about Sell in May, one method used an MACD cross as of Friday to get the heck out.  I will be scaling out of some long positions this week in tax deferred accounts. 

The soonest buy would be a subsequent MACD cross after October 16. 

The historical returns was written up this weekend at 
Breakpoint Trades.