Monday, July 30, 2012

Waiting on Whatever it Takes

$$ - It felt today as if the market was waiting for "whatever it takes" from the Fed and from Europe. Words are powerful things, but eventually action is what matters. Things were down a little, but after the last couple of weeks it feels a bit like a pause before the next thing. 

I'm in Las Vegas, returning tomorrow early. Too early. No QE3 here as I donated to the casino stock earnings for Q3.


Dodgers sweep Giants in SF, then come home and lay an egg against the Diamondbacks. Understandable coming off an emotional sweep, but the blue team has to keep fighting for every game.

Friday, July 27, 2012

#182: Facebook Crashes; Market Surges to May 3 Highs; Market Timing Thoughts

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Starbucks Shares Hammered

$SBUX - earnings miss. I quit my daily mocha habit. Starbucks loses 10% in value; I lose 10% of my body weight. Math is beautiful that way.
Around town, I've noticed the lines are still long at the Starbucks. Maybe folks are cutting back here and globally.  Or, maybe there is market saturation and growth is slowing.  There may also be some resentment from folks who are upset that Starbucks is capping wi-fi usage at some stores.

Starbucks shares hammered after earnings miss
CNN MONEY | JULY 26, 2012

The Seattle-based mega-chain said it earned 43 cents per share for the quarter... Read more

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Alzheimer’s Setback and Pharma Stocks

$ELN and $PFE had a setback on their Alzheimer's drug. This article talks about Elan as a takeover candidate.
But, I was thinking that drug companies in general are really going after these diseases. Other companies are going after MS, AIDS, cancer, Alzheimer's, etc.  I hope they figure it out!
Meanwhile, the drugs for cholesterol, high blood pressure, and the like are pretty mature and successful.
So these companies need some big wins, right?

Alzheimer's Setback Makes Elan Takeover Bait to Biogen
Bad news for Elan Corp. (ELN)'s Alzheimer's drug is turning into good news for Biogen Idec Inc.'s takeover options. Elan sank 15 percent, the most s... Read more

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Samsung Profit Misses Estimates

It's not just $AAPL, Samsung missed estimates, too.  $$ 
So now, instead of just blaming people waiting for the iPhone 5 or looking at Apple's miss maybe due to people buying other phones, maybe this means that the upgrade cycle in general is slowing.
Or, maybe Samsung owners are waiting for the iPhone 5, too.

Samsung Profit Misses Estimates on Phone Output, Chip Prices

Samsung Electronics Co. (005930), the world's largest maker of TVs and mobile phones, reported second-quarter profit that missed analysts' estimates ... Read more

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It Wasn't Just Apple! Netflix Bombed, Too!

$NFLX bombed, too! Down 25% for the day, to $60.28. Reed Hastings blamed the Summer Olympics for making it tough to get new subscribers. Maybe it's the Equestrian events. I don't know.The bottom line, in my opinion, is competition. There are other ways to get content. Lets add the global slowdown and higher prices to the mix. Netflix didn't get more popular with the 2011 fee increases.

By the way, I still love Netflix.

My thoughts on Netflix over the past 3 years:

Zynga Stock Tanks

No surprise here: $ZNGA stock tanks.  Zynga makes the internet games, and they're just not growing as fast as they used to. Of course, this also impacts $FB which reports tomorrow. 
It seems to me like these social media and internet gaming stocks are similar to the B2B stock craze in 1999-2000.  Is it just me?

Game maker Zynga stock tanks after weak 2Q report

NEW YORK (AP) — Zynga Inc. lost money and received less revenue than anticipated in the second quarter because "CityVille," ''FarmVille" and other ga... Read more

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Fed to the Rescue?

Is it time for the Fed to do more? With $AAPL's earnings miss, stocks falling, US economy stalling the Euro problems, China slowdown, and consumer confidence falling, Fed action seems likely, right?
It seems like the table is set for next week. I wonder if we will hear more and more rumors about Fed action as the days get closer.
The stock market is getting oversold.  Pessimism is picking up.  Meanwhile, the market is inching to the usually bullish month end as well as potential Fed action.  Who knows, maybe Europe will throw another Greece/Spain solution in for good measure, too.
As Fed hints, investors wonder what tricks it has left
BUSINESS | JULY 24, 2012
WASHINGTON/NEW YORK -- When economists at Bank of America piped headlines from minutes of the Federal Reserve's June meeting down to the firm's tradin... Read more

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181: $AAPL - My Thoughts on Apple's Earnings and the Stock Price Going Forward

Monday, July 23, 2012

Is German Debt About to be Downgraded?

$$ - Is German debt about to be downgraded? This would be a big blow if Moody's lowers the debt rating of what many view as the most successful country in Europe.
We're all so worried about Greece, Spain, Italy, and Portugal that we took our eyes off of the big one.
Moody's puts Germany on notice
CNN MONEY | JULY 23, 2012

Moody's knocked the outlook on Germany's AAA rating down from 'stable' to 'negative... Read more

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Cisco cuts 2% of workforce

$CSCO continues to cut workforce.  After cuts in 2011, Cisco is cutting another 1300 in 2012.   
I think companies are continuing to cut costs. With the sluggish economy, most companies are producing all they need at this point.  And with revenues slowing, the only way to keep profits going is to cut costs.

Cisco cuts 2% of workforce
CNN MONEY | JULY 23, 2012

The networking giant has been trimming staff gradually over the last year or so... Read more

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China’s Stocks - Lowest Since 2009

$$ - Whoa, Chinese stocks at levels not seen since 2009.  Why? Concern about slowing global economic growth.
Maybe it's just me, but do you question the economic numbers coming out of China?  

China's Stocks Decline to Lowest Since 2009 on Economy Concern
China's stocks fell, dragging the benchmark index to its lowest level since 2009, on concern the slowing global growth will hurt earnings. China Coa... Read more

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Another Down Day

  • $$ - Today was another down day in the market. Reason du jour? Same old, same old. Yes, Spain. Yes, Greece. These were off the radar last week, right? US companies continue to beat (mostly), but the theme is slowing revenues and cost cutting.
  • McDonalds came out and disappointed, although some of that may be the currency exchange rate combined with slowing Euro economies. Yes, $MCD gets most of their revenues from Europe!
  • The market did reverse hard. Why? Somebody floated a rumor of QE3. Whoooosh higher! Maybe that fails to work someday. Or maybe not.
  • Cisco came in after the bell and announced another 1300 layoffs. That's 2% of their workforce, as $CSCO tries to cut costs.
  • Many other examples out there.
  • Two days in a row of down. Doesn't feel that bad.
  • $AAPL earnings tomorrow. That's the big one, right? Many others, too. But you know folks are watching Apple.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Apple's Earnings

Here we go. $AAPL reports earnings this week. Are buyers waiting for the iPhone 5? Will sales of the new iPad and iPhone 4S continue to surge? This is the week we find out.

Here is a column that states what many are thinking, thus the low expectations. But, I think the stock price may be a better reflection of what expectations are.  If the share prices were falling into earnings, I'd think expectations were low and that we'd see a big lift in the stock on earnings.  If the share prices are rising, then I'm guessing we will see a sell the news reaction.
Say, I'm waiting for an iPhone 5 myself!

Apple might not be the belle of the ball this quarter
BUSINESS | JULY 22, 2012
SAN FRANCISCO -- Apple Inc faces an unusual phenomenon when reporting earnings this time around: low expectations. Few are expecting the world's most... Read more

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Sunday Thoughts

  • $$ - The market futures are down as I type. Getting the blame? Greece. Slowing China growth. Concern about US earnings forward guidance. You pick, you choose.
  • It was just last week when none of those things mattered. But, they do today. Will they tomorrow?
  • Last week was options expiration week. Just saying. The market was completely oversold in the week prior, and saw a bounce then a rally during the week. Earnings got the credit, but maybe it was just oversold and gloom and doom. Volume was light, too.
  • Thoughts? Well, the market is still in the summer trading range, and volatile. Gloom and optimism replace each other multiple times a day as for the reason the market is doing whatever it does.
  • Hey, $AAPL reports this week. So does it do a huge move up or down after earnings.
  • I was in Reno over the weekend. Won a little. Betting on baseball is so frustrating. When you're up or down a run in the ninth, who knows which way it will break!
  • It's over 100 degrees here today. Not feeling like cycling. It's not that bad as long as you hydrate and keep moving. But, not feeling it today.
  • Portfolio allocation hasn't changed. Low beta stuff, lots of cash, too. So the closer we get to 1300 on the SP500 the more itchy I will get to increase beta and put cash to work. Every time the move down stalls and moves up, I wonder if this is the time I "missed" the bottom of the trading range. Just being honest. I still think there will be some more selling before this summer correction is truly over.
  • Audioboos coming. LOL. I know. I say that every week lately. But work has been busy and I'm in total workout mode when I get home. Except for today, where I'm in total lazy mode. I'm even too lazy to post a pic of a sexy asian woman today.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Quick Market Thoughts

$$ - Even though I'm mostly in cash and low-beta stuff (utilities, cigarettes, dividend stocks), the market has been fun to watch this week. The news flow is such that I would expect the market to be going down.

  • More bad news from Europe. Things aren't better there.

  • Companies profits are okay, but revenues are down. Hey, they're cutting costs! That's not good for jobs or wages, right?

  • Companies are lowering forward guidance and in some cases capital expenditures (ie, cutting costs).

  • Corn prices are skyrocketing with the lack of rain and intense heat in the breadbasket.

  • The economic news is dreadful. More bad news today.

In any other environment, any of those bullet points would get credit as the reason du jour for a market sell off.

But the market is going up!

Hey, like I say in the audiboos and blog, WALL OF WORRY stuff, right? Is it all priced in as we expect the worst?

Meanwhile, it's options expiration week. That's a time when the market tends to rally if the week prior was weak. In addition, the market technicals were way oversold a week ago, with the RSI(2) under 1 on the semis. How long does that usually last before a bounce?

Anyway, I am just watching right now. If anything, I'm tempted to sell the low-beta stuff and raise cash. The low-beta names are all sitting at or near 52-week highs.

It would be tempting to buy $GOOG ahead of earnings. Just because even if they miss, this market is going to send the stock up big. *

* Unless I buy shares - lol


Hey, I'll be back with the audioboos / podcasts soon. Crazy schedule the past month, and I am trying to be hard core with the cycling and weights this summer. I need to build a buffer and lose a few more pounds for the Fall/Winter "couch potato" season. (NFL, NBA!) Although walking the puppy helps with that.

I do appreciate you who subscribe and send emails. Search iTunes or your podcast app (Downcast, Podcasts, etc) for "Muck" and you can get the audioboo feeds to your phone or PC. Or go to, and you can leave comments, voice comments, or start your own Audioboos. (If you start your own, let me know...)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

When a Lap Dance Costs More Than $20

$$ - Hey guys, enjoy the lap dance at the club.  Then go home.  This guy's lap-dance investment turned into a $3.25 million dollar loss.
Buy and hold forever is dead!

Lap-dancing wife awarded $3.25 million prenuptial payout
PULSE NEWS | JULY 18, 2012
A judge in Australia ordered a Sydney multimillionaire who met his wife when she worked at a lap dancing club to honor the $3.25 million prenuptial ag... Read more

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Dwight Howard

The #Lakers get Dwight Howard, the Magic get Bynum, and the Cavaliers get free plane tickets to LA to watch the city burn down when the Lakers win the championship in 2012-3.

(Just a diversion from stocks to discuss something we can more easily predict).
Cavaliers in Dwight Howard talks

> The Cleveland Cavaliers may have inched ahead of the Houston Rockets as a... Read more

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Tim Geithner Crossing

$$ - Quick question: Does Tim Geithner look like a deer caught in the headlights at times?  (If not at all times?)

Geithner on Libor: U.S. was first to raise red flags
CNN MONEY | JULY 18, 2012

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said the U.S... Read more

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Thoughts on IBM Earnings and Europe

$IBM reported earnings and said that the Euro debt crisis weighed down its sales.  Didn't seem to impact investors enthusiasm to buy the stock, as last I checked shares were up about 3% after hours.

But what I wanted to point out is that there are a lot of US companies that earn a bunch of revenue outside of the US.  I think we're seeing that so far as these "multi-nationals" report.  In addition, a lot of that revenue is denominated in the local currency.  If the money is repatriated to the US, then the if the dollar is falling, there is an additional pop in the conversion to the greenback.  But if the US dollar is gaining strength, profits denominated in foreign currencies would lose value in converting back to the greenback.

Just thinking out loud.

IBM sales fall, dragged down by Europe
CNN MONEY | JULY 18, 2012

IBM delivered a positive profit outlook, but its sales were weighed down by the European debt crisis and came in weaker than expected... Read more

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Nuclear Resurgence?

Here's an article on $PDN (Paladin Energy) that talks about the resurgence in nuclear energy.

You buy that?  I'm not sure I do.  I think the world is dead set against nuclear energy after the horrible accident in Japan. 

Not interested.  But... we do need the energy!

Nuclear Resurgence Seen Luring Paladin Offers: Real M&A

Australian uranium producer Paladin Energy Ltd. (PDN) is tempting acquirers from Canada to China with a stock price that's less than the value of its... Read more

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Market Rallies on ... Something or Other

$$ - Even though Ben Bernanke gave a mixed message today, saying that the economy isn't doing much and the Fed remains at the ready, the stock action looks bullish. Sort of.

First, the market gapped up. Then, Bernanke gave his mixed message and the market reversed to the downside. Then, guess what? Yeah, another reversal back to the upside to close out the day.

Like I said yesterday, fade all the big moves. That's the money making game du jour. No, I didn't. Just being honest. Shucks, though.

Anyway, look what's rallying. Cigarettes. Utilities. Low-beta stuff. I'm still mostly in cash and low-beta stuff. It's working. Well, not the cash part. But the other stuff, right?

That's the "sort of" theory I mentioned back in the first paragraph. You'd think that the market would be led by high volatility stocks, if this were a typical bull run. But here we are moving in what seems like a 4% range back and forth, and what's at the highs are those low beta names. What's at the bottom? Semiconductors! And look at Intel's numbers after the close today. Blech!

Probably more flop and chop through earnings. Not seeing much good news in the economy. Not that there's a lot of bad news, either. Just a bunch of mediocre news.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Today's Market was no Big Deal

Stocks stalled a bit. $JPM gave some back from Friday's ramp, right? And $FB is back under $30. Stocks fell 7 of 8 days. But the market has been going back and forth in 4% moves. No reason to think we're out of the summer's trading range just yet. After Friday's big move, today was a ho-hum day. As I type, Asian stocks are up on hope over the Fed testimony on Tuesday. I think it's becoming pretty clear that the US economy is stalling and the Fed is going to do something. Even though everything it has done so far hasn't done too much. Some folks thing that they may even be prolonging the problems.

Anyway, the big focus will be on the Fed and earnings guidance from lots of companies reporting earnings. It will probably be choppy. Heck, I'm tempted to fade every big move in either direction!


Friday, July 13, 2012

TGIF RALLY! (and $JPM, $WFC, China, City Bankruptcies)

image$$ - The market is up!  What?  It doesn’t go down every single day of the year?  But that’s what it has done the last 6 days.  And I was beginning to think that trends never changed!  WHO CHANGED THE RULES?

What’s the reason du jour?  Is it China not as slow?  $JPM not as bad?  $WFC posting record numbers?  Or is this just a Friday relief bounce and profit taking after 6 consecutive down days in the market?  One thing I like to keep in mind is that the best days in the market tend to happen in down trends, while the worst days in the market happen in up trends.

Anyway, I don’t want to be a sour puss.  It’s nice to see a market rally.  Even if I’m in cash and low beta stuff.  Heck, the utilities are up, too.  A rising tide lifts all boats, and you’ll need energy to run the sump pumps.

China’s 2nd quarter GDP came in at 7.6%, and the thought is that while it’s slower than people want, there is credibility behind the numbers.  I don’t know about you, but government numbers from China, or the US these days, don’t seem to be as trustworthy as we’d all like, right?  But wouldn’t the US like a 7.6% growth rate?  Imagine what that kind of number would do to the bond market.  (That’s something to keep in mind, by the way).

JP Morgan did a bad, bad thing, but the stock is up a couple of bucks.  The company reported $1.21 per share, when analysts were expecting 76-cents.  That’s a beat.  The bad trade cost the bank $5.8 billion this year – that’s 3-times the original estimate, speaking of trustworthy reporting.  Jamie Dimon says that the company believes it was an “isolated event.” 

Meanwhile, Wells Fargo posted record net income, and they beat estimates by a penny.  The stock is up over 3% as I type.

In the “move along, nothing to see here” department, three California cities have recently declared bankruptcy.  Is it the tip of the iceberg?  Getting the blame for the BK’s is falling property values.  I’d add that the government got caught in 1999-2000 expecting 20% gains in the stock market forever, and caught in 2005 expecting 20% gains in property values forever.  Government at all levels started basing their spending plans on higher streams of tax revenues.

Hey, what did I say about trends never changing?  Apparently, they do!  They do change!


Okay, Dodgers (aka the Blue Team) start their second half today.  I’m ready.  Hope they are!

Off to the CA state fair – after walking the puppy.  It’s not going to be 105 degrees today!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More of the Same in the Market

  • $$ - The market didn't have a horrible day, but it was all over the place. Up. Down. Up again on the FOMC minutes. Then down again. Finally a push in the last hour like we've been getting lately, only to fall just a bit in the final minutes.
  • Good luck trying to figure that out. But the reason du jour was that the Fed offers no stimulus clue.
  • Tech continues to be weak. I would expect a bounce at any minute, but I'm not leaning in any direction right now as I'm still mostly in cash and low-beta stuff.
  • Another city in CA goes the bankruptcy route: San Bernandino! Yes, another city struggling with foreclosures, tax revenues, and increasing pension costs. Feels like that theme is gaining momentum. The can can only be kicked so far down the road before it gets encountered again, and each subsequent kick seems to lose a little distance. "What? That darn can again? Didn't we just kick it a week or so ago?"
  • Eh, Europe? If anyone likes kicking cans, it's you!
  • Did you see where Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. was being treated for mood disorder? Yeah. "Mood disorder." I think it's funnier in quotes, don't you? One more time: "Mood disorder."
  • Meanwhile, the National League embarrassed the American League last night in the All-star game. Please settle down with the debate on "the American League is better" chatter. 8-0 in a best-on-best game.
  • It's 105 degrees in Sacramento. I'd blame "global warming" (again, hahaha, quotes!), but I blame the middle of summer. It tends to get over 100-degrees here in the summer - especially in July and August.
  • No bike riding in over 100-degree weather. Eh, why? Take the puppy for a walk after the sun sets, sure. But when I came home I noticed I had a flat tire. When did that happen? Good grief. Good thing I bought a dozen spares.
  • Chevron reported increasing profits. Hey, doesn't it give you the warm fuzzies knowing that even in this sluggish economy, at least oil companies are making money!
  • The BIG earnings start rolling in next week.
  • Time to go fix the flat.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Market Thoughts

Quick thoughts on today's stock market action. $$ The market started out of the gate pretty decently, but then sold off pretty strong until the end of the day where there was the usual mysterious spike up into the close. But the market doesn't look very good. Stocks that we would like to see leading the market are falling. Defensive names, utilities, etc., are what held up the best.The market initially didn't seem to care about Alcoa, but $AA sold off pretty good - down over 4%. Is this what we're going to see during this earnings season? It looks like companies are going to reduce forward guidance. But the bulk of earnings start coming next week.Of course, Euro news remains the same. Kicking the can down the road is moving the can shorter and shorter distances. What's this latest one, just a week or so?I remain in cash and low-beta stuff. Still believe that Sell in May was the right strategy for 2012, and will look for places to get longer and more aggressive as stocks seem to be meandering back down near the bottom of the summer's trading range.

Monday, July 09, 2012

#180: Stocks Fall with Spain and Slow US; Patriot Coal; Jobs

Stocks Fall and $AA

The reason du jour for today's light selling action is "profit and growth," but I've heard folks also talk about 7% bond yields in Spain.
Hey, Europe tried to kick the can down the road, but it didn't land very far away from the kick!  It was less than two weeks ago than the European Debt Deal sent the market soaring higher.  
Time flies.
Anyway, Alcoa reported after the bell and beat lowered guidance.  Hey, they knew things weren't going well but at least they were upfront about it.  
More later.  Need to get the workout in!
Stocks fall on profit, growth worries

> Stocks closed Monday lower, as the start of the earnings season highlighted investors' worries about the profit outlook amid signs of slowi... Read more

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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Black Box Sell Signals ($AAPL, $PM, $JNJ … and thoughts on $RIMM and $GRPN!)

imageThe Black Box is on a sell signal on about everything. $$

Sell on the indexes, leading stocks, dividend stocks, etc.  That means AAPL, PM, JNJ, LLY, QQQ … Etc.  Tons of them.)

You know what it has a buy on?  $HDGE!  That’s the ETF that does well when stocks tank.

Two other names that popped up as buys were $RIMM and $GRPN, but I won’t touch those because I don’t like their business models.  The Black Box is a mechanical system, and just looks at technical indicators.  It doesn’t subjectively analyze a business model.

I think Research in Motion is going away.  Gone.  Good-bye.  Buh-bye.  They blew it.  The company is losing market share.  They’re also delaying the new Blackberry, and that will be after Apple has a brand new iPhone 5 on the market.  Research in Motion is toast!  I think they’re down to just having some patents, that may not be that valuable in a world where technology has passed them by.

And Groupon is facing competition from about everyone now.  I can’t tell you how many DEALS OF THE DAY are hitting my inbox from tons of vendors, but all of them have similar kind of deals as Groupon. 

JMHO, of course.  The Black Box could be wrong.  I could be wrong.  Never stock advice, just another point of view – and there are a lot of those out there!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

#179: Mixed Market Data; Thoughts on Steve Nash, $MSFT, $AAPL iPad mini

A Lot of Chicken at Mickey D's!

I sit here at lunch, reading about $MCD future plans to use a lot of chicken.
Yeah, McDonald's seems to be heading to some healthier menu options.  No, I doubt we will see a "filet-o-hen."  But if they can really increase their salads and grilled chicken options, that's a plus, right?
I think it's a good move with the population aging and watching their intake grams of fat.  I don't own any MCD, but this is the kind of story that indicates that I will at some point directly own shares.  Because McDonalds continues to adapt and change - and remain popular while doing it.
Besides, the Big Mac is still on the menu, right?

New McDonald's CEO's Grand Plan Involves a Lot of Chicken

Filed under: Company News, McDonald's, Food & Drink _By Kim Bhasin _McDonald's new CEO Don Thompson has some important decisions to make as he take... Read more

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Mortgage Rates at Record Lows - Again!

Wow, again with the lowest level mortgage rates evah. $$ 
The sad news is that many still can't refinance because they're home values vs. loan amounts are upside down.  They owe more than the home is worth.

Mortgage rates smash old record
CNN MONEY | JULY 5, 2012
Both 30-year and 15-year fixed-rate mortgages fall to record lows... Read more

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Thursday Randomosity (Plus Steve Nash and Lakers Point Guard Tryouts!)

To the Lakers: Steve Nash and a Player to be Named Later

  • The stock market, Steve Nash, and a video of the Lakers point guard tryouts (NSFW). $$
  • Apple ($AAPL) prepping an iPad mini, a 7” tablet?  Might as well hold off on that Google Nexus 7 purchase and wait to see what Apple has in mind.  You know it will be better than anything else out there.
  • Okay, the video is a bit Not Safe For Work, but who doesn’t want to see Yukie Kawamura’s skillz?  I say sign her to a multi-year contract!
  • The Vatican posts a $19 million deficit.  Yeah, nobody is running a surplus anymore.  The Vatican on Thursday blamed the poor outcome on high personnel and communications costs and adverse market conditions, particularly for its real estate holdings.  Furlough days for the Vatican?
  • It was the best of timesBetter employment numbers today ahead of the big'un tomorrow.  U.S. private employers stepped up hiring in June and the number of Americans filing new claims for jobless benefits last week fell by the most in two months, hopeful signs for the struggling labor market.
  • It was the worst of times (next paragraph in same article and here):  But dark clouds continue to gather over the U.S. economy, with growth in the vast services sector crawling to its slowest in nearly 2-1/2 years in June and retailers reporting sales below expectations, other data showed on Thursday.
  • Here they say that the way to improve the economy is to improve the housing market.  Basically, addressing mortgage debt.   But…  I think we need rising wages to see improvement in real estate.
  • My thoughts on the Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorce?  I think he’s crazy.  But he makes good movies.  Katie says she’s entering a new phase in her life.
  • I get this feeling Obama is going to win by a very large margin in November.  He’s leading in the polls in a pretty lackluster economy and with an unpopular health care program.  Seems like destiny.
  • To the gym!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Apple to offer smaller, cheaper iPad

Before we rush out to buy the Google ($GOOG) Nexus 7, will Apple ($AAPL) introduce an iPad mini this fall?
There have been lots of rumors, but maybe this one sticks.
Apple stock is just a buck away from $600 with earnings coming out in under two weeks.  We all know that they're blowing the door off of sales of the iPhone and iPad.  But sometimes in-between new devices, the sales numbers slow down a bit. Is the stock price too optimistic right now?  It seems as if the stock price either "sells the news" on earnings, or gaps up.  Usually the opposite direction of what's been happening in the stock price leading up to earnings.

Signs Europe Slump Is Worsening

The fireworks are rippin' here in Sacramento while stocks drop in Asia on Euro concerns. $$ 
The second half of the week about to get going here, and nothing in the world has changed.  Traders in Asia are concerned that the European economies are worsening.  The US economic data is mostly grim.  Plus, Iran is getting a little testy.
Welcome to the dog days of summer!
The dog is not liking the crack-bam-boom of the fireworks. To say the least!
Asian Stocks, Oil Drop on Signs Europe Slump Is Worsening

Asian stocks retreated from an eight- week high, Australia's dollar weakened and crude oil dropped after data indicated a worsening economic slump in... Read more

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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

#178: Upbeat News Propels Market; Andy Griffith Dies; Chesapeake Energy

Monday, July 02, 2012

Monday Randomosity

  • imageThe stock market had a chance to crater after the ISM data, and did initially but rebounded $$.  The Nasdaq and SP500 were up, while the Dow was flat.
  • This is a pretty good sign for the bulls after Friday’s big move.  You certainly didn’t want to give it all back, and the dip was bought up all day long.
  • I’m still with cash and low beta stuff.  No worries. I think we will see the market trading range continue for the summer. Nothing has changed my mind. Heck, the Euro debt deal doesn’t seem to be all it was hyped up to be. The US data continues to be weak. We shall see how pessimistic companies are when earnings season hits.  And the econ data due later this week.
  • Hey, you’ll be able to upgrade to Windows 8 for $39.99!
  • I know we’re all looking for investing angles in health care after the Obamacare vote at the Supreme Court.  But, there remains some uncertainty there as the Republicans promise to repeal it if elected.  Kind of a long shot, I think.  Why?  Well, it won’t be easy to beat Obama.  Next, they’d need 60 votes in the Senate to avoid a filibuster.  I think Obamacare remains the law of the land.  But I think health care costs soar due to Obamacare.  Seems like that drains money out of the economy.  Not sure the stocks to play.
  • Taking the week off.  Working out.  Cycling.  Bloomberg TV.  LOL.