Sunday, March 15, 2015

What's a blog?

Kind of funny how over the last decade the forum for opinion sharing has migrated from blogs to 140-character tweets. I just noticed that I hadn't written here for over a month, yet I have been sharing on Twitter.  It's probably been over a year since I did an audioboo/podcast!

  • I still think the market heads higher, with pullbacks here and there. Buy the dips should still work.  I remain nearly 100% long. 
  • The Fed will continue to keep rates low. Is there a reason not too?  Is there a danger of raising rates in a world where other countries are reducing rates?
  • Hillary Clinton: OMG.  Really? Isn't there a better candidate over there?  Ugh. 
  • March Madness! The conference tournaments have been great and the big dance starts soon.
  • Hey, I know the money is probably coming in on the UC Irvine Anteaters to walk away with March Madness, but my sleeper pick is that the Kentucky Wildcats come out-of-nowhere and win the whole shootin' match. 
  • I wonder if "sell in May" will work this year, and catch a pullback?  Gut feeling says "yes."  But you know, that could just mean a pullback to some obvious moving average and the up we go. 
  • (Am I too complacent about stocks, in a six-year bull market?)
  • $AAPL - Apple stock joins the Dow tomorrow!  Set your watch!