Monday, December 11, 2006

Are We Not Men?

  • We are NUVO. Did you see what happened to NUVO today?  80% loss!
  • Whew, a few days away from the PC and malaise breaks out!  I'm starting to feel complacency about where the market is headed the next few weeks.  Sure, we all know the market is extended and that the sentiment surveys show 117% bulls with some folks so excited about this market that they voted twice.  But why would anyone sell in the next few weeks and pay taxes in April 2007?  Why not wait until January and postpone the tax hit until 2008?  It's difficult to forecast mass selling the next few weeks. 
  • I have raised cash levels as far as I'm going to for right now, with the rest in low-beta holdings.  I don't have any short positions.  I continue to trade a little with small cap stocks using typical break out mo-mo strategies.  At some point, that'll stop working.  Not just yet, though.
  • In The Amazing Race, the "models" came out on top. I was hoping for 'bama, but a big miscalculation on French airports cost them. 
  • Two more reasons to exercise.  Just sayin'...
  • Fed meets tomorrow, so that could create some jumpiness in the market. 
  • For those who saw the Hu Dat Girl entry and wondered, "Why did Muck remove the original racey Kelly Hu picture and replace  it with Kelly in leather?"  Here is the Maxim Kelly Hu picture.  See? 
  • If all you want for Christmas is an Adam Warner podcast, you're in luck!
  • What the hell is hemoencephalography?
  • When will the housing market bottom?  Barry Ritholz with some commentary.  I think that housing moves in approxmately 7 year cycles, give or take.  I remember in the 90's when neighbors were just walking away from their homes and letting the banks have them.  There seemed to be one or two on every street.  That was near the end.  I don't think we've seen much of that yet.  Probably because unemployment is so low.  As long as folks have jobs and can make monthly payments, panic won't set in.
  • Trick to dieting?  From the local TV news I have on right now...  The water diet!  Not just gallons of water, but 1 eight ounce glass before a meal, another during a meal, and a third after a meal.  And heck, not only will that fill your tummy but you'll get some exercise making lots of bathroom trips throughout the day!

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