Tuesday, December 05, 2006

What Else is New?

  • Bad news for dieters who ride the bus in SF, as officials installed advertisements in several San Francisco bus shelters on Monday that give off the scent of freshly baked cookies. I know a certain someone who won't mind that even one bit.
  • As Kirk notes about the new CNBC website, CNBC has a stock screener!  Doesn't everyone have a stock screener via their online broker?  I'm still waiting for the screener that'll pick stocks that are going to double in the next month, but I haven't seen that as one of the search criteria just yet.  *Hoping*
  • Jim Cramer's Realmoney radio show ended last friday.  Those of us subscribing to the podcast always find out "yesterday's news today."  Anyways, entertaining show.  But he is all-media, and how he managed to do a TV show (and a guest spot with Erin Burnett during the day), plus a radio show, plus blog at TheStreet.com, and keep track of all the minutia of 7000 companies was beyond me.  Oh, and write books.  His new one Jim Cramer's Mad Money: Watch TV, Get Rich is in stores now!  ExcerptUse tips as a contraindicator. Whenever you start getting "tips" about a stock, that's a good time for you to stop buying, start doing some homework, and probably sell the thing. Uh, and maybe one wants to short tips received via the TV? Just thinking to myself here, Jim.
  • Hoo, and speaking of webpage redesigns, looks like they're not making any more land over on Barry Ritholz's The Big Picture!  By that, I mean Barry is using every inch of real estate available in his new 3-column layout.  What's new at Barry's place?  He has some videos inserted.  He has some pictures.  He includes a prominent link to his premium service.  And of course he has the same outstanding day-to-day content as always.  He also includes a blogroll, which curiously lacks a link to The Learning Curve.  That's okay, I ask nothing in return for linking to you, BR.  We can still be the best of pals. In Edit: BR's links have been updated (and growing)! Check 'em out!
  • And much like the CNBC.com web site, Barry does not include pictures or videos of Bianna Golodryga, either.  Nor does his site give off the scent of freshly baked cookies.  Any chance of a stock screener in the future like I mention above?

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