Sunday, April 11, 2010

April Showers

  • imageSunday afternoon here in Sacramento, and we’re getting a “soaking rain.”  Plus, the wind is blowing about a zillion MPH.  Wherefore art thou, oh Spring?
  • Blowing up Texas Stadium.  Pictured!
  • I bought for the computer (and thus the PS3 and Roku, connected to the big-screen TV, and the iPhone for wireless).  I’ve enjoyed seeing the Dodgers bullpen fall apart yesterday and today.  GOOD GRIEF.
  • I remain long the stock market, until a reason not to.  Not trading in and out or trying to catch every nickel swing here.  Just riding the trend.  Sorry for not trading the wiggles, but it seems like that hinders more than helps.
  • image I spent some of the afternoon watching Leo Laporte on broadcast live, and in the IRC chat room.  I am a geek. 
  • I haven’t ordered an iPad yet.  I guess the 3G version would be the one. Although who wants another monthly 3G charge?  Maybe better to wait it out, see what’s next in the iPhone line. 
  • Comments pro and con on the iPad.
  • Twitter buys Tweetie.  I love the Tweetie 2.0 app for the iPhone.  Even paid the $2.99 for it.  Now you can get the app for $0!
  • Looks like the EU is going to send Greece some aid.  $61B!  Maybe California could ask for some aid from the EU.
  • More Apple… The iPhone OS 4.0 as a game changer.  Multitasking!  Also some video stuff behind the scenes that could mean new iPhone hardware in the near future.

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