Wednesday, April 21, 2010

iPhone 4G Madness

I've been following the iPhone 4G prototype story all week long. No word from $APPL, but Gizmodo released lots of curious press that then set off a blogstorm.

My 2-yr contract is up, and I will be debaiting an iPhone vs. Android soon. I do love the iPhone and am leaning in that direction, especially if the prototype leaks are true. Looks nice.

Meanwhile, Apple is selling 3GS phones like hotcakes. Almost 9 million in the first quarter. Stock price has already zoomed, and gurus continue to raise targets.

We get almost daily Apple news without rumors. iPhone, iPad, and the new Macbooks have all dominated tech headlines.

What an exciting time to be following tech news. Portable tech seems to be where it's at...

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