Monday, February 24, 2014

The Bulls Win!

  • image I saw a great $TWTR tweet “The bulls win. It’s over.” (paraphrasing). And that’s today’s $SPY theme. The market has been a money printing machine of late, for those in the growth names.  About half of the market isn’t participating – but who cares? As  long as you own the ones going up!
  • $TRQT and $RFMD merging?  Ah, so that’s why TriQuint Semiconductors was up 26% on 1500% of volume.  And RF Micro Devices up 21% on 900% increase in volume.  How come I never own one of these things? 
  • By the way, the SP500 closed one-point below its all time high.  So, the break out and over came back and down today.  But tomorrow is another day.  Maybe “It’s over” tomorrow.
  • $HUM – Humana said that the government cuts to Medicare would be less of an impact than expected.  That was good for a 10% pop on 300% increase in volume.
  • I’ve mentioned $LTBR – Lightbridge Corporation, a couple of times here and in the podcast.  Ya, up again over 6% on over 2000% average volume.  Yup. 
  • So, lots of things up up and away.  That’s what we’d expect with the bulls winning and all.  The top IBD stocks were up nicely today – but there are four more trading days in the week and month, so the reviews will have to wait.
  • Except for $JCP and $SHLD, of course.  JC Penny’s and Sears are not getting any love, each down about 7%.  Hey, if nothing else, the parking spaces at the mall near those stores are the least crowded and offer close parking, if one needs to avoid the weather and get in the mall quickly!
  • Jim Cramer was talking about $SCTY – Solar City on his show today, but the stock was dropping about 4% afterhours on earnings non-announcements.  It will be interesting to see if it bounces back tomorrow.
  • $VRTX – Vertex Pharma also down afterhours.
  • Economic news underwhelmed today, but that’s the way the economic news has been going.  Market doesn’t care.  It is amazing when a bull or bear market trends and nothing can impact the trend. 
  • Final thought – it wouldn’t surprise me to see the market pullback a little after today before attempting to break out again.  But we are closing in on month end and that could see more support as retail investors throw money into mutual funds with their 401k adds on payday.
  • I’m in cash, and probably buying the next dip. BTFD.

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