Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Market Thoughts and Randomosity (and Christine Nguyen!)

  • $SPY - Market thoughts! Wow, could the volume be any lighter? The market has had a big run lately in what is the weak month of the weak season (Summer). So throw that out the window this year.  Oh, and last year, too.
  • Despite the market rallying, you never know when the next headline event will derail stocks for ... oh, lets call it about 4% or so.  Rounding.  So far, those have been BTFD (buy the dip) opportunities.  Of course, if you're long and strong and have no cash to throw at stocks then you just go for the ride.  And it has been a good ride.
  • I remain long, but trimmed a little last week. 
  • "The Islamic State runs a self-sustaining economy across territory it controls in Syria and Iraq, pirating oil while exacting tribute from a population of at least eight million, Arab and Western officials said, making it one of the world's richest terror groups and an unprecedented threat."  So what's the difference between tribute and taxes?  I live in CA and just found out that gas taxes are going up January 1st for AB 32, which is the CA government money transfer scheme to fight a war against the Sun God ("global warming").
  • "Football stadiums will be packed this weekend for the kickoff of the college season. But many of the student sections are likely to have empty seats."  So it seems that ticket prices are going up.  Shocker.  The article goes over some ideas on why attendance is falling off.  For me personally, I would cite that I have a very nice big screen HD TV and love to watch many games at the same time rather than fight the crowds and pay the high costs at a game where I'm usually seated far away from the action. But that's just me!
  • Maybe.
  • Yes, that's Christine Nguyen the porn star.  Oh well.  I cropped it.  Safe for work!
  • Snapchat has a $10 billion valuation?  Wow.  LOL.  That will end badly, right?
  • So, are bonds going to keep rallying?  Makes no sense to me.  Is the economy really that horrible?  I don't think so.
  • Home prices are at a 70-month high, but folks are worried that the pace is slowing down. I think the bottom line is that home prices are largely influenced by rising wages and the ability of homeowners to make higher and higher monthly payments.
  • Yes, I haven't been too active in blogging or Facebook or Twitter or Audioboo lately.  You know, it's a bull market.  About everything is making money.  There is nowhere else to put money but in US stocks.  So, I haven't felt like talking about it when it seems as if the market is just heading up until something changes.
  • Hope you're having a great "last week" of summer.  Seems like most kids are in school already around here, though.

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