Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Russia to block US agricultural imports‎

Russia steps up the sanctions on the sanctions.  None of this is good for world markets.  Trade wars are ugly.  So are real wars.  But is this worse than if Russia were bogged down in some lengthy no-win contest in Ukraine for a decade?  Wars these days seem to last forever or until the larger country tires of fighting leftover roaming insurgents. 

Anyway.  None of this is good for $RSX or individual Russian stocks, as the economic sanctions gain more momentum.  This is also affecting European ETFs, so I am avoiding those right now (no matter how tempting it is to bottom fish $EWG - Germany).

Report: Russia to block US agricultural imports

JIM HEINTZ Associated Press

Associated Press - Associated Press - Thu Aug 7 01:01:10 UTC 2014

MOSCOW — Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday hit back hard against countries that have imp...

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