Monday, December 01, 2014

OMG - Stocks Have Down Day

  • OMG! Stocks had a down day! PANIC!  
  • Oil prices dropping puts money in consumers wallets.  Consumers spend more at malls.  Inflation coming?  
  • So I am a big believer of a little pullback and then a big end of year uptrend - especially in the stock leaders.  
  • Stock pullback could be due to tax loss selling of some losers or a news headline, but money will want to rally in the leaders into the year end. IMHO.  
  • The Miami Dolphins are usually fantastic at blowing must win games against lousy teams.  
  • Minimum wages increasing, which will end up pushing up other wages. Many wages are based in formulas and salary surveys of other wages. Raising the floor pushes everything else up.  Inflation coming?
  • I didn't go to the malls or do any online shopping. None!  Might take a vacation for Christmas and avoid the gift giving nonsense! 
  • Spoiler alert: I was sad Beth died last night in The Walking Dead.  Just saying.   
  • The Jets have over 200 yards rushing IN THE FIRST HALF!
  • One reason for the drop in oil and other commodities is the strong dollar.  Oil is denominated in dollars.  
  • Hey, the strong dollar means that goods produced overseas should cost less. Including imported oil. Hey, that should be good for the trade imbalance!  That could put downward pressure on inflation but we tend to spend all we have, so probably not.  

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