Thursday, December 04, 2014

$TSLA vs Cheap Gas

$TSLA - I think Tesla Motors may have a tough time selling electric cars when gas prices are falling. It was tough enough with the steep price tag, as the difference in price between a TSLA and a conventional car will buy a lot of gasoline!

I finally did see one Tesla on a Sacramento freeway during commute time. Other than that, I only see them on TV.  I did also see one inside the local Red Hawk Casino as part of a "win this car" promotional drawing.  They are nice looking cars.

But I'm not sure most folks are ready for all-electric cars.  Financially, they're not feasible for folks who want a car that takes them to and from work during the weekdays, but will also take them on a 6-hour drive on the weekend.  Battery technology has improved, but it would be nice if the charge lasted longer and there were rapid-charging facilities along the highways.

Someday, maybe.

But then that's when Toyota comes out with their electric car - for much less!

Just thinking out loud…

Will Cheaper Oil Burn Tesla?

Anthony Mirhaydari

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