Saturday, May 09, 2015

Saturday Market Thoughts

  • So, just when it seemed as if “sell in May” was gaining some momentum, Friday happened and the market is now back near all time highs.  Crazy!
  • Reason du jour is a jobs report that, well, met expectations.  Wasn’t too hot or cold.  Unemployment supposedly fell a tick.  As much as we can trust any of these numbers…  I will say I think things aren’t as bad as the bears make out to be, and not as good as the bulls make out to be.  So things are status quo – and, what’s wrong with that?
  • So, Tom Brady to be suspended for up to half a season?  Thank goodness for them and their fans that they play in the AFC East, consisting of a bunch of other teams that seem to be stuck in neutral.
  • I remain long stocks.  I was thinking about trimming on the Friday blast up, but didn’t.  Maybe I will regret it.  But seems like fighting zero interest rates has been a fools errand.
  • Watching the GOP cast of characters vs. the Democratic party’s cast of characters and I’m very worried.
  • Here in Sacramento there are water restrictions coming in.  Can only water lawn once a week!  Maybe it’s time we go full-desert and replace lawns with rock.  Lawns are just a bunch of work anyway!
  • Britain had an election that was supposed to be close.  Or so they said.  LOL.
  • Anyway.  So, baseball season.  Nice to have a game on at most times of the day.  I did renew to MLB and MILB packages.  Always something to watch!  Haven’t been that excited about the NBA playoffs.  Such is the dilemma of Lakers’ fans!
  • Almost done with Netflixing the final season of Sons of Anarchy.  What a great show, but it was time to end it I think.  Like the seriousness and gravity of the final season so far.
  • Also binge watched Bloodline.  Liked it!  Slow here and there, but it builds…
  • I’m not sure what to think about McDonalds.  I own the stock $MCD, but have to say that they face challenges with fast casual competition growing like a weed.  The stock hasn’t done much, but hasn’t really bombed either.  (Although not moving when the market has had a nice run is hard to watch).  Also noticing that lines have been picking up recently locally, but I don’t think it’s as crowded as Starbucks!  $SBUX.

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