Monday, May 04, 2015

Sell in May?

  • Sy Harding passed away last week. He was one of the "Sell in May" guys who used the MACD to identify a time to sell stocks in the Spring and buy stocks in the Fall.  Sad to hear that he passed and my thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, and all who followed him.  
  • The market had an uneasy April. Will May be better? So far!  It is tempting to Sell in May.  The market has not had a decent pullback or correction in awhile. Yet, sometime moving sideways for a long and boring period of time eases things.  What to do... What to do...
  • I am still long the market but may ease back a little.  Just having a hard time deciding because Sell in May hasn't worked recently.
  • I didn't watch the fight. Big news is that the fight was transmitted live for free over the live streaming sites like Twitters Periscope. Will the fight organizers go after Twitter?  They say they may go after both the companies that allow the piracy and the Pirates themselves.  
  • The Dodgers playing well. At home, anyway. 
  • The Warriors also playing well. Anywhere there is a basketball court. 
  • I binged watched Bloodline on Netflix. Liked it!
  • Twitter earnings weren't such a shocker, but the way the earnings were released and the investor reaction was.  Facebook had only sold off a little after their earnings, so when the other big eyeball sites like Twitter, Yelp, and Linked In fell so hard, I know it caught me off guard.  
  • Although honestly, I don't "get" Linked In.  It's the site I use the least, no matter who is endorsing me for a skill set or wants to connect. Gee, go see me on FB for cryin out loud. At least I post pics of my dog on FB!
  • Of those I use Twitter the most.  Then FB. Then Yelp. And rarely look at Linked In. 

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