Monday, May 23, 2016

Fed Rate Hike Randomosity

  • imageI think it’s tough to raise rates in an election year.  Especially the further along we get in the calendar. Would the Fed want to have an impact on the election?
  • If you’re weighing rates and looming data, then you’re being blamed for today’s market fluctuations!
  • The economic data has mostly been soft.  Maybe inflation ticking up a little.  I wonder how much of that is due to wage hikes pushing up prices?  We have minimum wage hikes and new overtime pay rules.
  • Why is Donald Trump surging in the pollsTrump is quickly consolidating the support of his party, while Clinton's still locked in a grueling primary battle.  I mostly agree with this, and when Hillary finally gets the nomination, Bernie supporters will consolidate around her. 
  • Does anyone like $AAPL – Apple stock?  Well, here may be some good news.  They have a list of things, but my point is that the company is still going to win more and more market share around the globe. Heck, I’m going to upgrade to an iPhone 7 this Fall.
  • I still think Hillary wins in a LANDSLIDE in November.  It won’t be close.
  • I use Open Live Writer to blog.  FYI.  Pretty clean interface.  WYSIWYG
  • Who wants to fly to Hawaii? Have you heard of VietJet?  Well, lets watch the video.

  • Hey! Is it all day breakfast or another move that has been critical to McDonald's success: improving customer service through wage increases and training.  HMM.  So raising prices good for consumers?  …the changes "have resulted in lower crew turnover and higher customer satisfaction scores ... and we are gaining share relative to the [fast-food] sandwich segment."
  • The Freddie Gray case is over.  Edward Nero – Not guilty! So that will be in the news a lot this week. Hope for peace.
  • $FIT - Fitbit facing a lawsuit over highly inaccurate trackers?  Hmm. 
  • Remember when Xiaomi was supposed to be the Apple iPhone killer?

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