Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday Randomosity

  • imageMarket sentiment seems bearish.  Even with stock indexes not that far from all-time highs.  Except for the Nasdaq, where there has been some carnage in growth. But money has rotated into “safer” names for now.  And Amazon.
  • Lets build a park, and fill it with carnivores.  Now that would make for a great movie!  3 Nile crocodiles found in Florida…  between 2010 and 2014, the Nile crocodile was responsible for 480 attacks on humans in Africa … officials say the swamp dwellers escaped from a facility called Predator World.
  • My thoughts on minimum wage hikes and increased compensation via overtime rules reform? When companies face higher costs, they either try to reduce costs or pass along the higher costs to consumers.  So, these laws will probably  mean some combination of fewer employees, fewer working hours for employees, and higher prices at the stores, malls, and monthly bills for consumers.  And combine this with more costs for rules and regulations, there is an unknown impact on small businesses that never get started in the first place.
  • Back to stocks, I think all these liberal/progressive rules are a major factor in the slower GDP growth we’ve seen.  And economic growth fuels the stock market.  Which hasn’t gone anywhere in almost a year and a half!
  • And throwing the first pitch today is Tiffany Hwang from the South Korean kpop group Girls Generation.  Nice throw, Tiffany!

  • Energy experts say oil won’t top $100.  Does that make you nervous? So I suppose what that really means is that we should start to fear really high oil prices again.
  • Angry Birds made $39 million this weekend?  Hmm.  Well, I did get an Angry Birds themed spoon at the local yogurt shop yesterday.
  • Hedge funds unloaded $7 billion of Apple stock in the first quarter.  Nobody likes it anymore.  Should start seeing some downgrades, right? Some are comparing to Blackberry.  Hmm.  Well, I’m not there yet.  I still own it. 

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