Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Stocks Fall, National Debt, Netflix and CBS All Access, ETC

  • There are lots of reasons for worry on Wall Street.  Stocks pulled back as the Fed said that maybe they wouldn’t be so aggressive in cutting rates as investors had hoped.  Interest rates are already really low, right?  Seems like “status quo” wouldn’t impede growth.
  • Meanwhile, on one of the financial TV shows, one of the commentators said today, after Micron (MU) had reported and surged 10% after hours, that he bought $MU recently.  Maybe he did.  I have no idea.  Seems like they’re really good in announcing their positions after the fact. 
  • I just finished the second season of Imposters on Netflix.  I didn’t like it as much as the first season.  File it under “Well, it was something to watch while I worked out, and it was only 10 episodes.”
  • Whenever I finish a show on Netflix, I do fall into the show hole and don’t know what to watch next.  Usually I watch a movie or two, out of respect to the last series I finished.  Once I’ve recovered, then back to binging.
  • Senator Van Hollen (D) proposing fixing Social Security by “rolling back the most recent boon for wealthy estates in the 2017 GOP tax cuts.”  He also supports a House plan on  raising the payroll tax on wages above $400,000.  Seems like that’s the direction things will head if the Democrats have a big win in 2020.
  • I subscribed to CBS All Access just to watch the latest Star Trek Discovery series.  Wouldn’t mind watching The Twilight Zone, either.  And even more Star Trek coming!  How can I cancel that?
  • Yes, I’m on Twitter @muckdog
  • I’m not sure at what level the national debt breaks the economy.  I often wonder if the reason rates are so low, is to keep interest payments on the national debt from destroying the country.  The CBO is out with BREAKING NEWS today that the national debt as a percentage of GDP will be at “unprecedented levels,” 144%.  It currently is 78%.  Imagine if we have to refinance it all at much higher rates.  There are no signs in Washington DC of a desire to reduce spending.
  • I have a Roku, a Roku TV, an Amazon Fire TV and an Apple TV.  I think I like the Roku interface the best of all.  Just being honest!

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