Sunday, January 20, 2013

Apple and Football Randomosity

  • All eyes are on $AAPL, right? The company reports Wednesday. Or so the rumor goes.
  • The thing about Apple, is that the stock is just at $500 after being over $700 not that long ago. There is fear that folks who want an iPhone or iPad, have one and that there isn't enough reason to buy a new one anytime soon. In addition, Android phones have not only closed the gap but may have surpassed the iPhone in capabilities. Finally, Steve Jobs no longer runs the shop.
  • With that said, I know some folks who recently bought Mac Airs. No longer need the traditional PC. So, that speaks to the decline of HP and Dell, right? I will say that I recently played with an HP thin laptop running Windows 8. Seems to me that the asking price is quite a bit less than for Apple products. Just saying.
  • So does Apple need to lower prices?
  • It's going to be tech-tech-tech earnings all week long. You think you'll get tired of Super Bowl hype? This may surpass even that!
  • I was AMAZED at the games today. I thought the winners would be reversed. Atlanta covered, getting 4.5 points but lost the game! The over 49.5 worked, too. The Ravens plus 8 was a winner, but the Patriots lost!
  • This means that my fantasy playoffs season is over AND my playoffs elimination pool is over. Done!
  • By the way, tomorrow is Martin Luther King, Jr day. A good day to read about the man and listen to his speeches. It is also a good time to read the history about that era. That's your homework.
  • Some folks don't get tomorrow off as a holiday. Wall Street is closed.
  • Looks like the Sacramento Kings sale to the Seattle group is in the books.


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