Monday, January 21, 2013

MLK Jr. Randomosity

  • $$ - Meanwhile, Europe is closing around new highs. What? Aren't they supposed to be in recession, rioting, and financially coming unglued? Well, they are printing money. Seems like that's the cure all!
  • Meanwhile, the Senate Democrats are coming up with a budget - for the first time in 4 years! “I’ve talked to Leader Reid. I’ve talked to Budget Chair Murray. We’re going to do a budget this year and it’s going to have revenues in it and our Republican colleagues better get used to that fact,” according to Charles Schumer (D). "Revenues" is the secret word for "taxes.
  • Meanwhile, on this day in 1966, George Harrison and Patricia Anne Boyd were married. Patty eventually left Harrison for Eric Clapton. "I got my eyes set on you. I got my eyes set on you. I got my eyes set on you. I got my eyes set on you. But it's gonna take money. A whole lotta spending money."
  • Meanwhile, I'm watching the Fox Business channel. Yeah, really. I never watch this channel. Lots of political commentary. But I do like Neil Cavuto and Charles Payne.
  • Meanwhile, the Boeing Dreamliners' batteries may be getting the blame for all the problems. Or at least maybe something with the electrical system. Hey, why not just create an iPhone app to run the whole thing? Battery life on the iPhones is pretty good, right?
  • Meanwhile, the original 1960's series Batmobile sold for $4.6 million. And boy, does it look sweet in my batcave. Yeah, right. I wonder what the mpg is on that thing?
  • Meanwhile, President Obama had his 2nd inauguration today. According to a Fox Business graphic just put up, after one term: Oil up 124%, Gold up 101%, dollar down .4%. They didn't mention the stock market. The SP500 up over 100%, at least since the March 2009 low!


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