Thursday, January 24, 2013

Netflix stock soars 42 pct

$NFLX soars 42% - lol.  Wow.  I've never owned Netflix.  I'm afraid of it as other companies come into competition with online video delivery.  But there have been many folks out bullish recently - kudos and congrats to them.  What a day.

For the record, I am a subscriber and stream about 2-3 movies a week, and watch about 2 DVDs a month.  I rarely go to the movie theaters anymore!

Still won't buy the stock, though.  

Netflix enjoys marquee day as stock soars 42 pct

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Netflix's rollercoaster ride on Wall Street surged to new heights Thursday. The company's stock climbed $43.60 to close at $146... Read more

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