Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Market Meanders

  • Well, an interesting reaction to the Federal Reserve .25 rate hike.  Initially, the market rallied.  Then the market fell hard for two days.  For the same reason the market went up!
  • Since then, rally mode.  Seems as if the folks who wanted to sell have done the deed, and have gone on Christmas break.  Is the rest of the year trending up?
  • I haven’t finished Christmas shopping yet!
  • This is the first time I have blogged on my new Surface Pro 4, using Open Live Writer.  Not sure how this app will make things look!
  • Oil prices tanking.  Seems like we’re hearing about how oil drilling is slowing down.  The kind of thing that eventually will help lead to higher prices as supplies come down.
  • Haven’t seen Star Wars yet.  Long lines everywhere they say!
  • So… Disney stock struggling.  Seems like “sell the news” wins the day.  Although most stocks have had a tough sled lately.
  • I’m not sure how long it will take Chipotle to recover from continuing bad press on bad food.  Eventually?  I keep thinking WHEN to dip a toe in, but this hasn’t been a “one and done” kind of story, has it?
  • Happy last minute shopping!

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