Monday, December 28, 2015

The Last Week of 2015

  • imageYou know, I still shake my head at how “low oil prices” are a negative for the economy.  I get the job losses in some of the oil boom areas.  What I wonder is if these are the only kids of jobs that have been created? 
  • Watching the last Monday Night Football game of 2015.  SAD!
  • Low temps in SoCal not seen for 100 years.  Brrr…  But the days are in the mid-60s.  Take that, Dakotas!
  • All the jobs we normally hear about are the ones paying minimum wage, 29 hours a week, filled by college grads with Liberal Arts degrees.  Well, if you can’t get a job on a rig, where else you going to find work?
  • Losing my fantasy super bowl.  Ah nuts.
  • Maybe if you can shoot the rock, you can get a job with the Lakers. Or Sixers. 
  • Remember when AJ McCarron played for Alabama?  He looks okay with the Bengals.
  • Still debating on some tax loss vs. tax gain selling and balancing.  I have a few stinkers, but I actually think they’re okay.  I’m just early for cryin out loud!
  • Well, my part time job this week is watching bowl games and streaming Netflix.  Sometimes a guy’s gotta work two part time jobs.

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