Sunday, December 30, 2007

Football Weekend!

  • Regressing to the mean in my bowl picks. 8-6.  But tonight?  Got the Colorado Buffaloes and the points against Alabama!  Sounds crazy again.  I think 'Bama would win.  Hopefully by 3 or less...  But takin' the dog again. 
  • In the Fantasy Super Bowl this weekend.  Had to scramble to put together a line-up with so many teams resting players.  Sheez.  We'll see.  I'm not sure it's looking so great here mid-way through the afternoon.
  • How disappointing are the New Orlean Saints?  I thought they'd have a great year.
  • Nice game by the Patriots last night.  Just when you think they're vulnerable for a loss...  They pull it out.
  • I think the stock market should have a decent day tomorrow.  Taking the day off from the Fun Factory, so I'll be watching bowl games.

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