Thursday, December 13, 2007


The big news in December? Steroids in baseball. Big list of players here. Hat tip to Adam Warner, who has so many questions.

Still a little under the weather, but dragging myself into the office. The play book says that the week before options week is weak and often times presents a buying point or launching pad into options expiration. I'm still all in and bullish. The economic numbers coming out today did seem to indicate that the economy is stronger than what folks expected. And also stronger than what we're reading in the paper and watching on the news.

PPI came in a little high...

Barry Ritholtz takes a look at today's data. I don't always or often agree with BR, but I always read his stuff.

More later. I'm tired. But Rosenfels just hit Johnson for a Texans TD, and that lifts my fantasy spirits....

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