Monday, December 24, 2007

Stocking Stuffer

  • Stock market closed 3 hours early, but looks as if Santa stuffed the stockings with more of the Santa Claus rally. I believe the market is headed to new highs, so I'm remaining 100% long and strong.  The economy continues to grow at a below trend rate, and we're not in a recession.  The Fed is cutting rates.  Inflation remains low.  The bull market should continue.
  • 4-2 in bowl games so far!  But a few close calls...  I had UCLA and So. Miss!  Also, ECU last night.  We're bowl-free until wednesday.
  • So I made my Fantasy Football championship game next week.  And many of my players will be rested for the playoffs.  Geez.   So I'm on the waiver wire picking up 2nd string running backs...
  • Actress Michelle Rodriguez began a 180-day jail term in Los Angeles on Sunday for probation violation.  (From sentence back in October).
  • Christmas Eve.  Wow.  Time flies.
  • After tomorrow, we'll be flooded with the Best Of 2007 lists.  And 2008 predictions!  Of course, I'll play along this year, too.

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