Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Drilling Gone Wild

I went to the dentist this morning (pictured... I wish). The cleaning appointment went fine, and the deeper pockets are gone.  But I had two chipped teeth in the back and one small cavity, so the dentist said, "Hey, want to get it done now?"  So I did. Drill here, drill now.  No novacaine!  Pretty shallow work, so didn't feel much anyways.

More pain in the portfolio today, though.  Can I get a novacaine shot for that?

I started out today thinking that I'd do a write-up of yesterday's action, and basically say that I was looking for a follow-through day to confirm that some sort of bear market bottom was in and that we were in a rally.  Basic IBD stuff, right?

Pffft.  The End of the World was only postponed by yesterday's price action.

So, besides the Democratic Congress, what caused investor panic today?  Lets look around the horn...

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