Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Randomosity!

  • What is the market technical outlook?  Mike Burk  has a bunch-o-charts up.  I like the comment that technical indicators haven't been of much use lately.  Yeah.  They're getting taken out by European news releases.
  • Are there signs that the ECB may bail out the Eurozone?  So what does that mean, ECB stimulus packages? Buying debt?  Operation Le Twist?
  • Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture with a graphical representation of the Tablet Wars.  Here are my thoughts.  I have the first gen iPad and decided to go play with the Xoom, Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire, Nook something or other, and an ASUS Transformer.  Oh, and an iPad 2.  iPad 2 is better.  It costs more.  But it's better.  So I'm waiting on the next gen iPad 3.  Some of the smaller ones are lighter weight, but they just felt underwhelming when it came to useability and features.  There.  I said it.
  • So the NBA has an agreement to play a shorter schedule beginning on Christmas.  66 games starting on Decmeber 25th.  Isn't that all we need of an NBA season anyway?
  • The market was down about 5% this past week.  It has been down almost everyday since Moses parted the Red Sea.  We're due for some sort of bounce, right?  Unless Europe intervenes with some bad news...
  • I read some blog that was blasting the Fox series Terra Nova, saying that it was a huge blow to Sci Fi.  I actually have grown to like the series enough to watch it.  Yes, maybe the science is off a bit -- for all we understand of the period.  But at least it is Sci Fi.  And it's not horrible.  I'd prefer less drama and more sci-fi.  But right now, it's all the sci fi we have.
  • Black Box still on the buy signal, but I do have to say that VERY RARELY does the black box give a signal and the stock market immediately moves against the signal.  It's not a good sign for the validity of the signal when that does happen.  Yet, because the market is so oversold it would seem that any kind of bounce would bail out the buy signal.  Maybe...

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