Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Randomosity and the NFL!

  • The Occupy Wall Streeters are raising a ruckus, but here is a column on the 1%.  I agree that the so-called 99%-ers are purveying a bunch of nonsense.  Maybe the cause for banking reform is just, but who knows what that OWS movement has turned into at this point.  It seems to be about violence and mayhem.  Who wants that?
  • Some good games early.  Bills almost did it against the Jets.
  • Zero Hedge comments that folks went out spending on Black Friday like there's no tomorrow!  Maybe.  The Mayan calendar does end in 2012, uncannily predicting the financial collapse of the Eurozone -- and maybe the USA, too.
  • I was watching Fox's Bulls and Bears yesterday, and noticed two completely different opinions by Gary Kaltbaum and Gary B. Smith.  Kaltbaum is bearish, citing the technicals and the big sell off over the past week.  Smith said everyone is a bear and we're in the bullish period of the year.  Who do I agree with?  They're both technical guys.  I'd go with Smith.  Kaltbaum is Mr. Whipsaw.  The time to be bearish isn't when the market is so oversold heading into month-end and year-end.  I know we keep getting smoked by Euro news.  But we're running out of European countries to worry about!
  • Hey, will there be a payroll tax deal by the end of the year?  People kind of forget that there was a payroll tax cut that puts about $1000 a year in folks' pockets.  They'll notice if the payroll tax comes back, eh?

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