Friday, November 18, 2011

TGIF Randomosity!

  • imageThe stock market had a rough week.  The Dow dropped 2.9%, the S&P 500 lost 3.8%, and the Nasdaq dropped 4%.   Blame Europe.
  • News from 1981:  Christopher Walken hires laywer over Natalie Wood investigation.
  • Hey, this week’s sell off is even after Warren Buffett jumped into tech stocks like IBM and Intel!  I’m not a big fan of buying stocks AFTER Buffett has bought them.  I’d rather buy BEFORE he does.  Right?   Both these stocks have dividends.
  • You heard the Major League Baseball news that the Houston Astros are moving to the AL West, right?  And that an additional wild card team from each league will be added, with a best-of-three wildcard series added to the post-season.  Cool. I suppose this means more TV money or something, but it also makes it more interesting as additional teams now have a shot at the post-season.
  • You know what also happened in 1981?  Greece enters the European Community (later becoming the European Union).  Really.
  • So, the Tennessee Valley Authority has a pay freeze for almost all of their employees.  The CEO is excluded, and his compensation increased $352,000 in fiscal 2011 to $3.95 million.  Well, that’s some happy news for the TVA folks, eh?  Good grief. 
  • Hey, looking for stock market contrarian indicators?  You know we’ve had (and will have) lots of social networking (internet) IPOs, right?  Well, how about an Social Media ETF?  Yikes, remember the B2B mutual funds of 1999-2000?  How’d that turn out?
  • Dodgers beat the Yankees 4 games to 2 games in the 1981 World Series.  Really.  Indiana beat North Carolina in men’s NCAA.  Raiders beat the Eagles for the Super Bowl.
  • Hillary Clinton thinks that the Syrian conflict could become a civil war.  You know, we have it pretty good here.

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