Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Psst! It's Because of Oil Prices!

Yes, there will be nothing but Lakers Cheerleaders until the Lakers are knocked out of the playoffs! Or until I think of something else!  Well, the Laker Girls have something to be happy with, even though there were some questionable calls late in the game.  But LA had the lead most of the way and c'mon, Kobe didn't even get to the charity stripe once. 

So the market made a little comeback today, and according to IBD it was because of a rebound in oil stocks.  Oil prices rose to $131 on the Nigerian concerns.  But just yesterday, Yahoo Finance said it was declining oil prices that spurred buyers' interest and led to the rebound in the market.

Take the blue pill, Neo, and stocks go up.  Take the red pill, Neo, and stocks also go up.  (Neo not pictured, by the way).

Might as well give oil the credit for the Lakers winning game 4 last night!


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