Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Where's the Volume?

Of course I like this move up in the markets this week! The playbook is working this month.

But if we had to stick a jab at this rally, don't you think the volume should be a bit more convincing?  To be honest, I often think that these rallies on light volume can be prone to big give backs when the heavy volume comes in.  I'm also prone to take profits too early in these moves, but staying patient here.

I remain bullish on the economy and the market.  Another feather in the cap for the economy is the continued low inflation numbers.  Of course, this is in the rear-view mirror.  The Fed is most likely done with rate cuts, and the next thing we'll be looking at is a pick-up in growth and that'll be the time to keep a closer eye on inflation.

JMHO, of course!

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