Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thinking About Butterflies Randomosity

  • AIG is getting spanked afterhours! Down over 7% as I type on an earnings report reporting "losses in the billions."
  • Hey, it's only $7.8B.  Lets all hold hands and think about butterflies together.
  • Market thoughts?  Still long.  A little worried about consolidation from the move off the lows?  Sure.  Tough to play that, but will probably play on the edges.  I suppose it's in my nature.
  • Dr. Jeff:  The Individual Investor Experience.
  • From Barry Ritholtz:  GDP Alternate Measure.  It's the whole conspiracy theory thing about understating inflation and overstating GDP.  Maybe "alternate universe?"  Sure, but those make for good Twilight Zone and Star Trek episodes, no?  And Barry's always a good read. 
  • I enjoy reading blogs (and such) to see other opinions.  It's about considering my views against the well-thought out opinions of others.  Looking for cracks!
  • From Babak at Trader's Narrative:  Up Against Resistance With Little Fuel.
  • Just an observation, but I was looking at the contents of a few of those emerging market ETFs.  Especially those that invest in the BRIC countries.  Lots of energy holdings.  I know energy is going parabolic and will never go down again, but...
  • Gawd, I wish we had a massive nuclear power plant construction effort going on.  Other countries are constructing more nuclear power plants while we sit around and think about butterflies.
  • WAIT!  STOP THE PRESS!  Georgia Power to spend $6.4B on new nuclear power plants!  Thanks for the heads up, Mover Mike!

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