Monday, May 05, 2008

Randomosity de Mayo

  • Round 2 in the NBA playoffs? Hoo, this is getting good.
  • So, I think Microsoft is better off without Yahoo.  And I think Yahoo better do something quick.  But the whole MSFT-YHOO saga has been almost as entertaining as Hillary-Obama.
  • Interesting thing is that after gap up giddiness, MSFT closed lower for the day.  YHOO down 15%.  Yowch.
  • With AC/DC coming out with a new CD, why not AC/DC night on American Idol?  David Archuleta singing "Highway to Hell?"  Instant classic!  I think you'd have a hit with that right now, David! 
  • (Yeah, just kidding.)
  • Both John McCain and Hillary Clinton have touted the gas tax relief for the summer plan.  Silliness.  Pandering.
  • Oh, and oil is at record highs. Woo, drive-drive-drive!  Hey, the faster we run out of the stuff, the faster we're on to the next thing.  (paraphrasing, h/t Dennis Miller).
  • Is it a crime to swamp MP3 files for free if the band is offering their music for free?  Nine Inch Nails freebie.
  • Economy Refuses to Tank.  Bears Weep
  • Iron Man getting chatted up here at the Fun Factory today.

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