Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Incredible Amazing Market Reversal

  • Well, the market staged an incredible reversal after learning that those Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld (neither pictured) commercials are ending. Taking a shower with your clothes on?  Just not that funny.
  • And this is Anna Torv from "Fringe."  I'm not sure about that series.  A little creepy.  Too much goo.  But still on the DVR schedule.  Not sure I like it or dislike it.  It may get the bump as other series gear up.
  • So what does Yahoo Finance have to say about today's market reversal?  ...the combined influence of an announcement prohibiting short selling in the U.K. and reports Treasury is considering a plan to create a Resolution Trust-like operation as a solution to the financial crisis stimulated huge buying interest late in the day.
  • I had Fox Business Network on, and Liz Clayman was pretty giddy as the market advanced.  Paraphrasing, "Wow, look at it now.  It's up even more since I finished that last sentence.  And there it goes again, more after that sentence.  This is amazing.  Oh, there it goes again.  The more I talk, the more it goes up."
  • Yahoo Finance missed the Clayman effect completely.
  • Everyone is talking about the market now.  Family.  Coworkers.  Talk radio shows.  Radio shows about gardening.  Everyone.  Everywhere.
  • I heard a caller today say that the economy wasn't that bad.  "I just stood in line for 3 hours to buy an iPhone," he said. 
  • I kind of agree that the underlying fundamentals are okay.  But that's not what is in the headlines.  And those running for office will continue to berate the economy, no matter what.
  • Somebody called in a radio show around 10am PDT saying that he sold everything this morning and went to cash.  Oopsie.  Missed that end of day scorcher to the upside.
  • Even Obama and McCain are talking about the economy.  Eh, it was more fun when it was all about "communty organizers" and "lipstick."