Thursday, January 15, 2015

Does Microsoft Still Matter

$MSFT - Does Microsoft still matter? Here is a preview of Windows 10 and "what's next?" 

We live in a world where the Internet is the destination and the hardware and software is just the means of transportation.  It doesn't matter what kind of device you own anymore.  It doesn't matter which operating system or apps you prefer.  

It's all about being online. 

Some other thoughts...
  • The XBOX still matters. But it's just hardware to play games that for the most part can also be played on a PS4.  The gaming social network differs. 
  • By the way, the XBOX 1 price drop to $349 has it in first place the last two months in the console wars.  
  • Documents are still created by Office for the most part.  But have you tried Google Docs lately?  Office still the standard.  
  • Windows and powerful PCs still dominate in the IT development world.  
  • Cloud storage matters. Microsoft has its flavor of that with big competition from others. 
I think Microsoft still matters but that they will continue to need to grow and diversify their business. 

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