Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Quick Stock Thoughts

$SPY - stocks continue to chop and chop.  Neither the Bulls or Bears can get any trend going yet.  They say to buy the dip, but that's only working if you also sell the rip and reposition for the next brief scare. 

  • Low oil prices 
  • Fed rate hike
  • Euro recession
  • Russia
  • Muslim terrorists 
  • Memories of last January?
  • Squirrel!
Otherwise you are running in a treadmill and not making progress.  
Churning near a top?
Anyway, still long. I had a few buy signals last night but I'm already long with very little cash.  Today's fap up didn't give me a chance to put an order in and I'm not chasing.  
There will always be another dip. Someday. Maybe tomorrow!

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