Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Rumbling and Tumbling Stock Market

  • $SPY - Wasn't it just last January and February that we were worried about stocks?  What about October and the Ebola panic?  Or mid-December?  Yet, by the end of the year the market was up double digits.  "Buy the dip" worked.  
  • Here we are with folks shouting gloom and doom from the roof tops.  The market again seemingly under pressure from the front page news headlines of the day. 
  • I continue to believe that it makes the most sense to be long stocks.  Invest and reallocate on a regular basis. Buy the dips. 
  • Amazing comeback win by Seattle Seahawks over the Green Bay Packers.  One of the ones you'll be telling your grandkids about!
  • President Obama to give State of the Union speech tonight and call for more taxes and more government spending.  The government already wants more of your money. Nothing new. 
  • Maybe a bubble in biotech stocks but that's also where the momentum has been.  Nobody wants to be the last person in the pool in those. But it is awesome when it's moving up!
  • Housing bubble and collapse ... Again? Here comes the government again trying to help low income folks buy houses with low or no money down and easy qualifying loans.  Hey, what happens to those loans when the home buyers miss a bunch of payments?  We do know the answer, right?

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