Monday, January 07, 2019

Monday Rally Randomosity

  • Stocks rally! Reason du jour:  Optimism over US-China trade talks and an agreement hashed out before the 90-day deadline ends in... March?
  • The SP500 will rally 15% in 2019, per Marketwatch Columnist. The bottom is in!  Rejoice!
  • President Trump to address the nation on Tuesday. We will have to wait and see if he talks about Border Security and the Wall, trade talks with China, or the officiating in the Alabama-Clemson national championship game.
  • If you want to know how popular Netflix horror flick "Bird Box" is, just search YouTube for the vloggers talking about the movie, easter eggs, hidden meanings, controversies...
  • Amazon takes the lead!  The company surpasses Microsoft as the most valuable US company.
  • President Trump will visit the southern border on Thursday. I don't know if he will be pushing for $5B of Congressional funding for border security, declaring a national emergency to fund border security via the military budget, or if he'll be bring along sacks of concrete mix with him on his trip to do it himself.
  • PGE may be facing $30B in fire liabilities, and may consider filing for bankruptcy.  So... I'm saying the stock took a hit today: -22.1%.  Hope you don't own any!
  • The Los Angeles Lakers aren't as good without LeBron James.  Just an observation. The losses are piling up!
  • There are lots of Op-Eds and media commentaries on why we don't need a wall.  There are very few people calling for a team of experts and engineers to decide what goes where to improve border security.  But Ari Fleischer joined the latter via a Tweet today.
  • The State of California doesn't have Governor Jerry Brown to kick around anymore.  Gavin Newsome was sworn in today as the new Governor.  The last I read, he is promising everything to everybody.  That's a pretty popular stance!
  • I'm going to write about my experiences with the new iPhone XS Max.  I upgraded from the X over the weekend and have some first impressions!

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