Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Random Apple Thoughts

  • The Apple warning hit after hours, and that derailed any rehash of what happened in the market today.  Tim Cook blames the slowdown in China, but maybe the larger issue is that iPhones are super expensive, and the only new features in the latest iPhone XS line is a slightly faster chip and a slightly better camera.  
  • Yeah heck I still want to upgrade my iPhone X to the XS Max, but I’m a techy and love the latest gadgets.  That may not be true for others…
  • Other less expensive phones have many of the same features that will do enough to justify not buying a $1000 iPhone.  Maybe the components aren’t the top-of-the-line quality, but as long as the consumer can text, watch YouTube and Netflix, and take selfies, does it matter that much?
  • I don’t know how the iPad Pro line is selling.  I like mine, but other tablets are out there.  Many still have their older iPads that are working fine as Netflix streaming machines.
  • All that being said, there were some huge lines at the Apple store when I was there Monday.  The store remains very crowded. 
  • Maybe the rush to 5G in the coming years will be a huge catalyst.  But will there be other “good enough” phones that gain market share at the expense of the expensive iPhone?
  • Apple also has other offerings such as the app store, music, and cloud storage.  Again, other options here for consumers.
  • I do own some Apple stock, and continue to hold.  No panic selling here.
  • So yeah the market futures down a billion.  Tech will take a hit.  Not sure what this really means for other tech companies, unless the Apple warning really is about a slowing economies around the world.

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