Saturday, January 05, 2019

Wild Card Weekend Randomosity!

  • Today is all about football.  Sure, there are a bunch of politicians posing and grandstanding, while pretending to “represent the American people.”  But we all know better by now, right?
  • I traded in my iPhone X for the XS Max today. Twelve months into the payments, and you can just pay the tax and activation fee, and keep making monthly payments. Hmm, now what were the passwords for this and that and the other thing?  When restoring from the iCloud, it seems to remember some but not all. 
  • When Vice President Mike Pence is leading the White House team negotiating with the Democratic leaders, you almost wish you could just fast-forward to the next meeting.
  • New iPhone XS Max is a bit zippier than the X.  Noticeable with Face ID and loading pictures/videos.
  • Disney won’t make big-budget movies for their new streaming service, although such films will make their way to the platform eventually.  Disney is planning on making a live-action Star Wars show, though. - Business Insider
  • As a fan of The Walking Dead and a sorta-kinda fan of Fear the Walking Dead, I really don’t care about crossovers. Last year Morgan joined Fear.  This year? Dwight.  I just don’t like rekindling old story lines.  Make new story lines! - Digital Spy
  • Seems like we’re battered with “what’s new on Netflix” stories everyday.  My poor movie queue.
  • Republican Bart LeBon wins the Alaskan Supreme Court ruling on the results of their election recount.  LeBon won the election by one vote. - ABC 
  • Out of the box, the new iPhone XS Max had 48% battery.  
  • CBS All Access has Star Trek Discovery.  And now Patrick Stewart will reprise his role as Jean Luc Picard in a new Star Trek show set 20 years after Star Trek Nemesis.  (Ugh, I’m going to have to sign up). - Entertainment Weekly
  • CES 2019 is in the on-deck circle. As a tech geek, I will be following my Technology Apple News feed on my brand-spanking new iPhone XS Max.
  • I think I have hundreds of movies and shows lined up in Netflix. My coworkers and I often watch the same shows at the same time, and then talk about them during lunch.  Ok, sometimes during work, too.  Bandersnatch... Bird Box... I’m Sorry... and I think Schitt’s Creek is next up.  Kind of fun.  
  • So I have another set of iPhone wired headphones to stick in the technology drawer.
  • ATT made predictions about the future 25 years ago.  How’d they do? - CBS

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