Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Happy New Year 2019!

  • The stock market had its worst year since 2008. Do you remember what happened in 2009?  Specifically, what happened in March, 2009?  The beginning of a New Bull Market!  (Lets be optimistic for 2019!)
  • While people are quick to give credit or blame to a President for the economic boom and bust, here are a couple of charts I posted on Twitter in a reply to Josh Brown.  

  • Oh, and whoever is in charge gets to take credit or accept blame for what goes on while they’re under the roof.  But...
  • I feel bad for the workers trapped in the government shutdown.  We need Congress and the President to agree on funding for “border security,” and then let a panel of engineers decide the best way to spend the money:  Wall, fence, electronic surveillance, or whatever.  End the shutdown, fund Border Security, and move on... (h/t to Scott Adams).
  • By the way, as long as the economy does not dip into a recession by July, this could be the longest economic expansion in the US in... forever!  Longest ever! 
  • Five iPad Pro myths, debunked! Five iPad Pro myths, debunked — Cult of Mac
  • By the way, the best way to take advantage of the government shutdown, is to visit a national park... For Free! Unfortunately, unless there are private vendors on site, there may not be any bathroom facilities.  Choose wisely.
  • Netflix Stranger Things Season 3 to be available on July 4th.  Our young heroes are now 38 years old... (just kidding, but...)
  • Here is the most educated town in every state.  But...  Would you rather be just another person with a degree in the smartest town or the hot shot with a degree in the dumbest town?  Here's the most educated town in every state (Business Insider)
  • New Years Day...  We Got Bowl Games and More Bowl Games.  
  • I haven’t played any games on the new iPad Pro 11” as of yet.  Feels like a time commitment.
  • Maybe the most important thing to remember regarding investing in 2019:  Ignore stock market turbulence and stick to long-term goals.  Word.  Fidelity: Ignore stock market turbulence and stick to long-term goals (Fox News)
  • Looking at the Mainstream Media headlines... Well, let me summarize: Russia, Russia, and Russia.
  • By the way, I don’t mind if folks want to support media companies by subscribing to content. But I have to wonder, with Apple News app and Flipboard, do you need a newspaper subscription? I just ignore anything behind a firewall.  You?
  • Happy New Year!

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